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Altoids are a brand of mints, sold primarily in distinctive metal tins. The brand was created by the London-based Smith & Company in the 1780s, and became part of the Callard & Bowser company in the 19th century. Their advertising slogan is "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints", referring to the high concentration of peppermint oil used in the original flavour lozenge. The name "Altoids" is derived from the Latin “alt” and the Greek “oids” the mints were originally conceived as a lozenge intended to relieve intestinal discomfort. Altoids are less widely available in the United Kingdom, their country of origin, than in the US.

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  • Altoids Mints Peppermint 50g  | 064900070013

    Altoids Mints Peppermint 50g

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    Altoids Mints Peppermint 50g Altoids Mints Peppermint 50g are the quintessential mints for any connoisseur of fresh breath looking for that curiously strong taste. The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints The original Mint Great for sharing ...

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