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Almost 30 years ago, Hubertus Trouillé’s passion for holistic science lead to the development of Almased – a product he created to help his patients with their slow metabolism. Activating the metabolism in overweight patients automatically resulted in the reduction of unhealthy body fat. An effective weight loss supplement was created: The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon! This initial “side effect” has since become the main reason why many people use Almased. From its beginnings in the quaint town of Bienenbüttel, Germany, Almased has not only become the market leader in Germany, but continues to grow world-wide.

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  • Almased Dietary Supplement | UPC: 4250529300013

    Almased Dietary Supplement 500 grams


    Directions Mix 8 tablespoons (50g) of powder with 10-12 oz of cold liquid, such as bottled or filtered water, low-fat or unsweetened almond milk. Customize your Almased drink by adding your favorite ingredients, for instance, cinnamon, ground...

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