Why Movember is so Popular in Canada

Movember doctor prostate cancer.jpgMovember originated in Australia as a fun concept developed by a group of friends who challenged each other to grow moustaches in November for charity. This idea has spread into a global phenomenon that raises funds to support men’s health and raises awareness for a number of cancers, most notably prostate cancer.  According to Charity Intelligence Canada, the Movember Foundation’s Canada branch led all countries in donations to the cause with $23.4 million donated in 2015 [1].

One of the major health concerns in males is prostate cancer, which increases exponentially as men age. It is a disease may be on the minds of your father, older brother, or friend. In fact, 97% of cases of prostate cancer are in men aged 50 and older. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Canadians, with more than 21 000 new cases being diagnosed in the past year. Recently, there has been an increase in awareness about prostate cancer that has influenced early detection rates throughout Canada [2].

Early screening, which is the process of testing in people with no symptoms, is one of the best ways to detect prostate cancer, which can lead to a better prognosis. Screening is credited for about one-third of the recent decrease in deaths from prostate cancer. Early detection gives a patient a wider range of treatment options, from lower risk choices like watchful waiting, adoption of diet and exercise regimes, hormone therapy, and supplements to ones with known consequences like chemotherapy and surgery.

Being proactive and learning about prostate cancer is the number one way to reduce the risk that this disease poses. Supplements such as Prairie Naturals Prost-Force help protect and improve the health of the prostate gland. Early detection allows people to catch the cancer early and gives the patient a better chance to combat the disease. The treatment for prostate cancer also depends on the severity of the cancer, health of the patient, and the will of the patient. There are a number of risks and side effects for different treatment options.

There are also products that can help with managing symptoms like weak urine flow and frequent urination associated with prostate cancer. Bell Lifestyle Ezee Flow Tea, a special blend of 12 herbs including cranberry and chamomile, is not only effective to ease the flow of frequent urination, but also tastes great. Ezee Flow Tea is a natural solution that can also help reduce the burning sensation while urinating.

Since this cancer is so prevalent, the cache of products that can help prevent, treat, or manage symptoms have expanded. It must be noted that a patient currently undergoing cancer treatment should consult with a medical professional before taking supplements. Patients undergoing cancer cell-killing treatments like chemotherapy may be at a higher risk for drug interactions.


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