Understanding the ‘Morphs, Metabolisms, and Natural Approaches to Weight Loss

Every human being has a unique physiological makeup, and when it comes to your propensity to gain body weight there’s a direct relation to two specific aspects of that – your body type, and your metabolism. Your body type is genetically inherited, of course, and you’ll have it through the entirety of your life. Your metabolic rate, however, is the real variable in the equation here and the way it becomes impeded by factors related to age (not age itself – a very important distinction there) can be significantly problematic dependent on your body type.

There are three standard human body types. The ectomorphs are lean and long, and while they have difficulty building muscle they’re very fortunate in the fact that they are biologically programmed to stay lean. Even an ectomorph with a slow metabolism will be unlikely to gain much weight, and one with a high metabolism is almost certainly going to have a physique that resembles that of a Kenyan marathoner throughout their entire life.

scale-2396062__340.jpgThe mesomorph is the happy medium of the three. These people – both men and women – tend to be muscular and well-built, and are typically associated with being athletic. It’s definitely the body type of choice for having the ideal ‘beach body’, but even mesomorphs can be prone to gain weight based on changes to their metabolism.

Lastly, we have the endomorph. Endomorphs are big with more naturally high body fat levels and a biological predisposition to store more of it. These people need to be much more conscientious about diet and lifestyle choices as they get older if they want to avoid significant weight gain.

The common misconception here is that metabolism slows with age. That’s not the case, however. Thermogenesis, the food processing part of your metabolism, actually stays fairly steady throughout your adult life. It’s not that your metabolic rate slows, but rather it’s that as you get older your muscle mass decreases and your amount of fat tends to increase, decreasing your basal metabolic rate and the amount of calories your body burns. This in turn decreases the amount of calories you need to take in through your diet, but the problem is the majority of us are very habituated to the amount (and types) of food we eat.

Natural & Healthier Ways to Stay Slim – or Slimmer

We won’t even pay the slightest bit of attention to synthetic weight loss supplements like Hydroxycut. They may work, but they’re proven to be very hard on the body and in some instances can actually promote negative health conditions. Not much good being slim and shapely if your health is in ruins as a result of what helped you get there. Avoid them, and yes, that includes PGX too. It shouldn’t be about the fastest way to lose weight, it should be about doing it gradually, healthily, and with the right supports in place for long-term results.

Healthy weight loss is entirely possible, but you need to be smart about the types of supplement products you’re willing to ingest. Losing weight fast shouldn’t be your primary objective. Rather, your aim should be to lose it while not subjecting your body to undue stress or deprivation. You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s entirely true that your best path to weight loss is through a better diet, regular exercise, and selective lifestyle changes. Take that approach, and get to know the many natural supplements that are effective for weight loss. One of our favourite all-natural supplement manufacturers is our fellow West Coaster Purica over on the Island in Duncan, BC.


Let’s have a look at a few of their offerings for effective natural weight loss.

Purica Trimactiv is an elite weight loss support supplement, and support is the key word there as you need to make wholesale life / diet / activity level changes and NOT simply take supplements and expect the results you’re after. It synergistically blends Malabir tamarind root, Yerba Mate, Cordyceps mushroom extract, and other selective ingredients. As with all Purica products, it’s entirely all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, and it helps you with weight loss by suppressing hunger pangs and making you feel more satiated. It also decreases the frequency of blood sugar spikes and falls and diminishes the cravings for sweets that some people have (which is commonly associated with adrenal gland fatigue – Purica Vitality Adrenal Support is recommended), plus enhances your body’s ability to process dietary sugars and supercharges your body’s fat burning abilities.

Green coffee beans have garnered some renown over recent years for their ability to promote more extensive weight loss for people, and Purica Green Coffee Bean Extract is an excellent product. Green coffee beans are a rich source of chlorogenic acid (CGA), a natural antioxidant which has been shown to help weight management by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, inhibiting the release of glucose within the body, and preventing blood sugar spikes that often lead to fat accumulation. It also increases metabolism in the liver, which helps to burn fat as well.

Purica Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is similarly a powerful natural supplement for weight loss, and it’s the one of choice for those of you who have adhered to your exercise regimen – and will continue to do so – but aren’t seeing the results you want from all that intense physical activity. Garcinia cambogia extract is a source of hydroxycitric acid, which plays an important role in fat metabolism by enabling carbohydrates to be used in the production of energy rather than having them accumulate as fat on the stomach and hips. If you’re 100% committed to your new active lifestyle and regular intense workouts, garcinia cambogia extract may be just the ally you’re looking for in your battle against weight gain.

Other Considerations

No matter which body type you have and what state your BMR is in, you will want to take other considerations into account as well in your quest to lose weight more effectively. They include:

  • Getting sufficient sleep, and optimizing the quality of your sleep
  • Practicing relaxation and flexibility techniques like meditation and yoga or pilates
  • Having a healthy sex life
  • Participating in and getting enjoyment from recreational or hobby activities (dancing is very highly recommended here)
  • Keeping your home (and kitchen more specifically) clean and tidy
  • Visually documenting the progress you’ve made with pursuing a healthy weight (photos to remind of what you’ve accomplished, however much or little, to keep you focused and moving down the path

Lastly, one of the best ways to stay committed to your weight loss plan is to envision all of the increased vitality you’ll have at your disposal when you’re not carrying around all that extra weight. One thing you can do is try to remember all the times you passed on doing something fun or enjoyable because of either your appearance or energy levels related to excess weight and then promise yourself you’re going to actually do that in the future.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way!