The Unknown Natural Treatment for the Cold and Flu

woman-cold-congestion-nasal-spray-flu-treatment-xylitol-compressor.jpgMost people already know to boost immunity by loading up on Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc during cold and flu season. These nutrients can help with prevention or– if you are already sick– reducing the severity and duration of the sickness. There are many natural ways to fight the flu, but one of the best kept secrets is the effect of xylitol for sinus and throat care.When someone sneezes or coughs around you, or you come into contact with a contaminated surface, your body can be exposed to contaminants that can make you sick. The initial points of entry into the body are usually the nasal cavity for airborne viruses and the mouth for contaminants that have made their way into your body through contaminated hands. Ensuring that these contaminants do not thrive is of paramount concern and the best way to counteract the contaminants is through nasal and sinal hygiene. The first step in treating a cold or flu, like many other illnesses is awareness, as early treatment will help with managing the symptoms.

Step 1: Know when you are exposed

When you suspect that you are exposed to contaminants that may cause the cold or flu, there is no better way to help your body fight than to keep your nose and sinuses clean. The nose and sinuses are the filters that are your body’s first defense against harmful contaminants.  Xylitol-based solutions like the Xlear nasal spray are a little-known effective way to empower your body to fight illnesses. Xylitol, an ingredient in Xlear, inhibits the reproduction of viruses and bacteria. Research suggests that xylitol makes it hard for contaminants to stick to the mucous membranes and nasal tissues. This results in fewer respiratory infections and empowers the body’s defensive mechanisms of antibiotic substances.

STEP 2: Use xlear xylitol Nasal spray

The Xlear Sinus Care system is a professional physician-developed system that is easy to use and customizable for anybody. Whether used for daily care, prevention, or mitigation of symptoms, Xlear is one of the best decongestants that provides the relief that people seek when dealing with a cold or flu.

A commonly used alternative treatment is medicated nasal sprays to treat the congestion associated with a cold or flu. However, the use of over-the-counter medicated sprays, which constrict the blood vessels in nasal passages, can have serious side effects. Medicated sprays can be very effective in treating congestion, but overuse can cause blood vessels to respond differently and develop a reliance on medicated sprays to cure congestion. This is where Xlear shines, as its ingredients are purified water, xylitol, saline, and grapefruit seed extract – all ingredients for a natural treatment that will not harm your body while fighting the cold and flu.