Take Health Into Your Own Hands

E-book-banner1.jpgLeading a healthy lifestyle is often a difficult proposition that seems daunting to many of us.  A great suggestion is the 80/20 rule, where you set reasonable goals and consider it a success if you reach 80% of your goals.

The Five Pillars of Optimal Health outlines significant dietary choices and the importance of physical and emotional strength in seeking a better understanding of optimal health.

Eliminate Sugars and Grains

Over millions of years of human development, our bodies have become a complex system hardwired to digest animal and plant-based diets.  Consumption of processed foods that are rich in sugars and grains is a sudden spike in the process of human adaption; this leads to a wide range of health issues such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, poor focus, bloating, low blood sugar, and high blood pressure.  Limiting sugar and grain consumption is difficult because those starches and sugars are so delicious, but healthy foods are essential for diet goals.  Taking a gradual approach to reducing the amount of processed sugars and grains are the best way to achieve your diet goals.

Plant-based Foods for your Health

To achieve diversity in your intake of vitamins, your choice of fruit and vegetables are essential.  Not all vegetables are equal in the pursuit of our optimal health.  For example, potatoes and other root vegetables are high in simple carbohydrates and do not provide the same benefits as leafy greens.  Choose rich-colored and organic vegetables to provide a bundle of vitamins and nutrients that are a significant step towards a healthier diet. 

Animal-based Foods for your Health

Proteins are not inherently bad for your health, as they help our bodies fight disease, repair muscle tissue, and provide energy.  However, the meats that you find in supermarkets are raised in abysmal conditions and pumped full of antibiotics in the interest of maximizing profits.  Abolishing meat from our diets are not reasonable to every person, but it is important to think about where our meat comes from.  When possible, choose wild, organic, or locally-sourced meats to minimize the negative impact of processed meats from supermarkets and restaurants.

The popular idiom, you are what you eat, is important to keep in mind when choosing your meats.  Why would you want to ingest excess antibiotics and growth hormones?

Body and Mind – Emotional Obstacles to Health

The top New Year’s resolutions have the best intentions and for most people revolve around their health: starting a diet, getting more exercise, eating less junk food, or quitting an unhealthy habit.  The intentions are noble, but in the majority of cases, resolutions are unkept and carried over to the next year when we boldly declare the same resolutions.  Our e-book explores some of the causes of how emotions and the mind are barriers in our pursuit of optimal health. 

Lifestyle Factors

A common misconception of exercise is that long, grueling hours in the gym are required to see results.  This could not be further from the truth, as there are many benefits of regular exercise.  Research has shown regular exercise, even 30 minute stints, has a positive impact on improving mood and increasing energy level.  Remember a gradual increase in exercise is much kinder on your body and it feels more rewarding when you achieve your goals.  You can always set new goals after achieving your current goals.


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