Standing Tall: Maintaining Bone Strength As You Age

You’re likely all aware of the process of human evolution, and in particular how we’ve evolved over thousands of years from scooting along on all fours to walking upright the way we do today. The spine is a wonderful skeletal assembly, and the wonder of all those connected vertebrae has played a primary role in the fact you move like a Homo Sapien rather than an Australopithecus.

More simply though, without strong bones and a healthy skeleton it’d obviously be difficult to take on a good many of the tasks you do every day. For example, walking up or down stairs would be quite a risky undertaking if you didn’t have durable femurs and tibias inside both of your legs. Every bone in your body has an important primary function in the bigger picture of supporting your body and allowing for both proactive and reactive movement.

vertebral-column-213204__340.jpgWomen’s bones typically do the bulk of their growing before the age of 18 or 19, while for men it’s more like 21 or 22. After that you’re not going to get any taller, but you do have a good 20 to 25 years of optimal bone health to enjoy as part of the ‘prime’ of your life. After that however, bone density decreases every year and it becomes important to take steps to improve bone health.

Slow but Steady Process

The incremental decrease in bone density over the years once you reach this point often occurs without any real telltale signs, and this can be particularly true of women as they start to develop osteoporosis. Men are fortunate in the fact that their bones do not become more brittle as quickly. However, it still does occur and should be a concern, particularly for those who plan to continue living very active lifestyles or playing a high-intensity, full contact (and fully awesome!) sport like ice hockey.

Now most of you probably grew up with constant reminders about how important it was to drink milk if you wanted your bones to grow strong and healthy. It’s good advice indeed, as milk is an excellent source of calcium – a mineral that needs no introduction when it comes to ways to maintain strong bones.

So let’s start with it as we discuss tips for keeping your bones strong and ways to prevent osteoporosis.

Supplement Smartly, Keep Moving

Supplementing your diet with calcium is easy to do, and it’s highly advisable for women over the age of 45 to do so daily. A product like Prairie Naturals Cal-Mag-Force 1:1 incorporates both calcium and magnesium. The calcium is provided in a highly-absorbable amino acid chelate form, and the added magnesium adds the benefit of strengthening the central nervous system and musculature system.

For those who need a little more of the calcium end of the equation and / or to overcome absorption challenges specific to their physiology, Cal-Mag-Force 2:1 features double the measure of calcium to magnesium along with vitamin D and zinc for optimal absorption. It’s a more bio-available bone health supplement, and comes highly recommended.

A solid piece of advice for everyone in this regard is to make every effort to maintain your level of physical activity as you age. Keep in mind that a healthy, well-developed musculature system serves the purpose of taking on physical strains so that your bones don’t have to. Nowhere is this more true than in your hips and legs, given the priority we humans put on walking, running, jumping, reaching etc. This doesn’t mean you have to take up weightlifting, or engage in any particularly demanding fitness activity if that’s not something you’re inclined to do.

Take a walk, but walk briskly. Go for a bike ride, and pedal enthusiastically. Take up ballroom dancing, or play tennis with your partner twice a week. The possibilities are endless, it can be anything as long as it involves physical exertion.

Another product that promotes bone health and solidity is Astaxanthin Plus. It’s a blend of 3 super potent carotenoid antioxidants that – among an array of other benefits – supports joint and skeletal health and enables faster recovery from exercise. The appeal of that should be immediate given the advice we just shared above! Becoming accustomed to any new activity or exercise can take time and getting past the original stiffness and soreness stage, but Astaxanthin Plus make that a whole lot less challenging AND strengthens up your bones.

Stay Limber Too

Doing your best to keep your body flexible goes a long way to protecting your bones too, and on much the same principle as it does with physical exercise. Flexibility allows your musculature to more effectively absorb significant stresses that are applied to a specific part of the body. Yoga and Pilates are very beneficial for men and women of any age, and men in particular will find it’s not the impossibility they think it is.

A flexible and limber body will be able to take that force and disperse it across different musculature structures rather than have your bones take the brunt of it – which is what occurs when the body is more stiff, inflexible and rigid with your soft tissues. You want your bones rigid, and your muscles and connective tissues loose. If both ae rigid, that’s when problems occurs. And keep in mind as well that bones that break have often been weakened progressively over time in instances like these.

2:1 Calcium Bone Solution is similarly a good choice for promoting bone strength and health, and it’s especially designed for bone resorption for folks who have any specific condition that handicaps that process. Plus, it mixes easily with water and you can take less of it than standard bone health supplements but still get similar results / effectiveness.

Alright, here’s a suggestion that will be music to the ears of any of you who love to be on the links. Playing more golf is good for your bones! Yes, this could be said for any sport or physical activity, but golf is more advisable for older folks as a) it’s less demanding, and doesn’t require much in the way of athleticism to be successful, and thus enjoyable, and b) it’s a very social game and one where there’s often plenty of golf courses in most areas. But don’t rent the golf cart! – All that walking, carrying, and swinging will be good for those working muscles.

Last but not least in our supplement recommendations is the Healthy Bones Bundle. It includes Vitamin K2 that’s made from Menaquinone 7 (MK-7), which is the best-absorbed, non-toxic form of supplemental Vitamin K2 and especially effective for preventing bone fractures, and Vitamin D3 drops which serve to promote general body wellbeing, including the maintenance of bones and teeth. While the preceding supplement suggestions are more suited for proactive approaches, the Healthy Bones bundle is well suited to being a therapeutic choice for existing bone degeneration conditions.


So in concluding here today, we’ll say it’s definitely worthwhile to make lifestyle and diet supplement choices to have a super skeleton. Not only is it the reason you’re upright, but it’s hard to argue that – asides from your brain – there’s no component in the body that’s as integral to ‘doing’ whatever it is you need to do.