Spring Picks at Yes Wellness




Spring is in full effect. With the warmer temperatures, comes the desire to get healthier in preparation for the summer months. So without further adieu, here are my top three Yes Wellness spring picks.

Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract


Vetisse is an all natural herbal line of natural pet remedies for cats and dogs. All of their formulations have been created with the help of naturopathic vet, Dr. Loridawn Gordon, based out of Whistler, BC. While the entire Vetisse line carries natural options for a whole whack of common pet conditions, the Rhizo Garlic Extract for flea relief is a standout product for the spring. 

Being a pet owner, I know how nasty fleas can be and I do not want to expose my dog to the unnecessary toxins and chemicals from traditional flea remedies. What I love about the Rhizo Garlic is that it has just one ingredient: garlic. Yes folks, that’s right; just garlic. Garlic is a natural pest repellent and can be safely given to dogs and cats for short periods of time. Because my dog spends a lot of time outdoors, this is the perfect preventative measure for fleas. I give my dog one teaspoon a day, and so far zero fleas. 

Garlic is also a great way to support your pet’s liver, heart, kidney,
and overall can prevent other infections. What’s not to love?

Qi Oil of Oregano and Qi Rosemaryspring-picks-qi-oils

Qi (pronounced: chee) is a ready-to-use essential oils line. I’ve always been interested in aromatherapy but just didn’t know where to start. Luckily, Qi makes this easy. A lot of essential oils are pure, meaning they have not been diluted. This is great, but it also poses the risk of a newbie suffering from burns or incorrectly using an oil. Most pure essential oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil in order to reap in the aromatherapy benefits. Qi is ready-to-use because it has already been diluted with certified-organic carrier oils. This means there is no risk of burning yourself and no risk of over diluting the essential oils.

I’ve used the Qi Oil of Oregano and the Qi Rosemary. The Oil of Oregano is phenomenal. It has been sourced from the wild Mediterranean and has a carvacrol of 70-80%. That’s some quality stuff! I use the Qi Rosemary oil by rubbing it into my scalp before sleeping and washing my hair the next morning. Rosemary is known to stimulate hair growth and hair follicles – and I have to say that
Qi Rosemary seems to be doing the trick. My hair falls out less and has
become longer since using this oil.

Vega Sport Performance Proteinspring-picks-vega-sport

Vega Sport Performance Protein is a vegan, plant-based protein powder. Each serving has 5000 mg of BCAAs and 5000 mg of glutamine. The source of Vega’s plant based protein is the sacha inchi seed, native to South America, particularly Peru. This seed is high in:

  • Omega 3,6, and 9
  • Alpha Tocopherol
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Fiber
  • Protein

What I like about the Vega Sport Performance Protein is that I do not get the bloated feeling that comes with dairy proteins, like whey or casein. I also like the fact that this protein powder does not taste gritty, or earthy – a quality that is usually present in other vegan protein
powders. Each serving gives you 25g of protein. I highly recommend the Mocha and Vanilla flavours.

Do you have specific health products you enjoy in the spring? If so, leave a comment below.


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