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Metagenics: High-Quality Supplements for Optimal Wellness

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Metagenics: High-Quality Supplements for Optimal Wellness

Whether you’re a healthy individual looking to reinforce your immune system or need more vitamins and minerals, Metagenics has it all.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle are only part of the equation for a healthy life.

That’s right, even with a healthy diet, your body still needs extra nutrients and vitamins to improve health and strength. People who are pregnant, have food allergies, or digestive issues will  benefit the most from supplements. Athletes and those on restricted diets can also enjoy the benefits vitamins and nutrients supplements have to offer.

This is where Metagenics can help. When shopping for supplements, you want to look for ones made with high-quality safe ingredients.

Metagenics supplements do both.

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What Are Metagenics Supplements?

Metagenics is a supplement manufacturer. They create vitamins and supplements to help individuals maintain a healthy body naturally. Founded in 1983, the company believes in helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

What sets Metagenics aside from other vitamin and supplement companies is the research behind all of their products.

Why is research important? Well, there are many supplements and vitamins on the market today that say they help with this and that, but there aren’t any studies that prove this. You could be spending your hard-earned money on supplements that don’t work.

Another important part of Metagenics research is its transparency with customers. Every ingredient in your vitamins and supplements is on the label. You can learn more about your Metagenics supplement’s ingredients with their TruQuality program.

Additionally, every ingredient that comes to Metagenics undergoes testing and audits. This ensures you receive quality ingredients that work and help you.

A Gluten-Free Promise

Do you have food allergies such a gluten allergy or intolerance? These vitamins and supplements have a gluten-free certification approved by the  Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Both Metagenics products and their raw-ingredient suppliers go through testing to receive the Gluten-Free Certification. All their products must meet these challenging standards to ensure they are safe for anyone with gluten allergies.

But the research and testing don’t end there. Metagenics continues to improve their products and processes.

Healthy Probiotics

Probiotics are a hot topic. However, the probiotic organisms’ viability and shelf-life vary between different supplement companies. Metagenics regularly test their probiotics to give you high-quality healthy probiotics.

Choosing the Best Supplements

Selecting the best supplements is difficult. Many companies say their supplements are high-quality but don't offer any proof. How can you tell what supplements are real and what to avoid?

In Canada, all vitamins and supplements must meet the  Natural Health Products Regulations. These regulations test the safety, quality, and effectiveness of all supplements.

If purchasing United States-based supplements, look for the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) seal. This seal also ensures supplements are safe, effective, and contain high-quality ingredients.

Research companies and find information on their reputation, integrity, and customer service. If you can’t find any information about the company, it’s best to avoid them. Look for companies that are transparent and offer information on their processes.

When looking for 3rd-party testing certifications or labels, look for Canada’s Natural Product Number or NPN. It’s an 8-digit number that proves the vitamins or supplements meet Health Canada standards.

Metagenics vitamins and supplements meet both Canadian and US vitamin and supplement standards.

Study the label and research the ingredients. You’ll want to check the quality and absorbency of the ingredients. For example, calcium citrate is a better-absorbing ingredient than calcium carbonate.

Make sure you select the proper dosage for your needs. Your body weight, experience with a supplement, and needs will determine the proper dosage for you.

Always talk with your doctor before starting any new vitamins and supplements. Your doctor can help you find high-quality supplements that are safe and effective.

The Importance of Metagenics Supplements

Vitamins and supplements do a lot more than just keep you healthy. While they boost your immune system they can improve your mood, diet, and help with weight-loss.

The best part? There are little or no side-effects to using Metagenics supplements, with your doctor’s guidance. Here are a few vitamins and supplements that will help you maintain your health.

Immune & Digestive System Health

Keeping your immune system healthy is the key to preventing illness. These Metagenics supplements will  boost your immune health.

  • Vitamin D3 Liquid with various potencies
  • UltraFlora probiotic
  • D3 1000 high potency vitamin D
  • ImmuCore
  • Andrographis Plus for herbal immune health
  • Nazanol for your nose and sinuses
  • Essential Defense immune support
  • Mycotaki for immune health under stress

Metabolism and Body Weight

Along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, these supplements will keep your weight in check. They’ll also help improve digestion, metabolism, and improve energy levels.

Metagenics offers supplements to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, and anxiety. However, these supplements should not replace medications prescribed by your doctor.

Sustainability & Community

Not all vitamin and supplement companies commit themselves to sustainable practices. Metagenics believes in environmentally-friendly practices. Their LEED-Certified Facilities use less water and energy to reduce their carbon footprint.

Metagenics supports recycling and creates marketing materials from post-consumer waste. Also, they recycle around 38 tons of waste every year.

Purchasing Metagenics supplements allows the company to give back to the community year after year. They accept donations to help children in need, assist Families Forward with food drives, and coat drives. Every year, Metagenics donates nutrition bars to many charities to help fight hunger throughout North America.

You’ll feel good supporting a company that cares about its community.

Closing Thoughts

By doing your research and talking to your doctor, you’re sure to find vitamins and supplements that will improve your health. With Metagenics, you’ll find all your supplements are effective, safe, and consist of high-quality ingredients.

Check out our assortment of Metagenics vitamins and supplements today.

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