Liver is the Best Superfood?

the-best-superfood-liverFor most people, the thought of eating organ meat is simply disgusting; but those people probably don’t know that liver is considered to be one nature’s best superfood.  Typically, it’s said that that fruits and vegetables hold the key to nature’s micronutrient bounty, but recently it has been shown that beef liver can benefit you in many ways. 

Folks have been chowing down on liver since the beginning of time, both raw and cooked. Actually, people used to eat only the organ meat from an animal, and the muscle was typically used for other things or discarded.  Liver meat can be turned into broths, stews, sandwiches, entrees, and even region-specific desserts.  For this reason, cultures all over the globe practice liver loving on a regular basis.

Specific Uses of Liver as a Superfood

May Aid in Cancer Treatment

Recently, the use of liver has been pretty specific.  A physicist by the name of Max Gerson, known mostly for his work in cancer research, actually used raw liver pieces in his reputable pancreatic cancer treatment.  Moreover, Nobel Prize winning doctors, Murphy and Minot, used liver to cure people of pesky anemia.  Imagine what liver could do for your body if you consumed it as part of your weekly schedule.

Fatigue Fighter

Since liver is so dense in nutrients, it is often times used by athletes and other active people as a source of natural and potent energy.  Research shows that people who consume a serving of liver before doing a workout are able to perform at optimal levels for longer periods of time.  Making your pre-exercise snack one that incorporates liver is a great way to make it through a strenuous workout without feeling prematurely fatigued.

Why Liver is a Superfood

There are several reasons why liver is coveted as the most potent superfood in nature.  It has a variety of vital nutrients that can help you achieve and maintain optimal body performance.  As a matter of fact, beef liver has a copious amount of vital micronutrients within every serving (100 grams):

Potassium  380mg
Magnesium  18mg
Calcium  11mg
Copper  12mg
Niacin  16.5mg
Vitamin A  53,4000 IU
Vitamin B12  111.3mcg
Vitamin C  27mg


Aside from these essential nutrients, liver also has several trace amounts of others.  Eating this super food will give your body a blast of healthiness that will last you all day long.  Most experts agree that beef liver should be consumed at least twice a week, especially by those who do not take a dietary supplement regularly.

Eating liver is not a weird practice only extreme healthy nuts.  Nature’s most potent super food can be added to a variety of recipes to create something that is not only healthy but also delicious.  All you have to do is give it a try.