How Your Pop Habit is (Literally) Killing You


If you can’t imagine going without your daily can of pop, you may be consuming a whole host of dangerous diseases and health disorders with every sip. Even worse, sugary soft drinks can behave like drugs in the brain, triggering a pleasurable dopamine rush that makes them tough to give up. Still, mounting evidence points to enormous benefits for those who bravely take the plunge.

With everything from your heart to your mind on the line, it may be time to kick those cans to the curb for good!  

Decrease your risk of cancer

Your pop’s golden brown glow likely comes from a chemical called 4-methylimidazole, a known carcinogen that many darker-hued soft drinks are loaded with. Data shows that daily ingestion of the amount of 4-methylimidazole in just one can of pop could be enough to increase your risk of developing cancer. Other studies have pointed to a spike in esophageal, colon and breast cancer cases among regular pop drinkers, so simply switching to water could mean slashing the threat.

Promote weight loss

The average person now guzzles up to 44 pounds of pop a year and this flood of high fructose corn syrup has been linked to swelling obesity rates. A can-a-day habit directly translates to at least an additional pound of weight gain a month, meaning that regular soft drink consumers grow significantly heavier with each passing year.

Diet versions are no better, as their chemical composition triggers a whole slew of hormonal reactions in your body, encouraging weight gain and the storage of fat in the stomach area. Skipping the soft drinks altogether is one of the easiest ways drop those pounds.

Avoid developing diabetes

One can of pop contains 16 cubes of sugar. Considering how easy it is to gulp down a can in mere minutes, it’s no wonder that frequent pop consumption leads to an ultra-fast rise in blood sugar, throwing your body’s insulin mechanisms out of whack. The result is an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Simply ridding your fridge of the sweet stuff can equal instant protection against the pancreatic, liver and nerve damage that diabetes often leads to.

Maintain a healthy heart

Drinking more than one soft drink a day has been linked with the development of metabolic syndrome, a complex group of health disorders including drastically lowered ”good” HDL cholesterol, raised blood pressure and dangerous abdominal weight gain, all of which raise your heart attack risk significantly. Cutting pop out of your daily routine could mean averting a life-threatening cardiac condition.

Boost your brain function by going pop-free

Your brain has the ability to generate new brain cells and learning pathways, safeguarding you from the cognitive decline that can occur with passing time. pop can change all of this. The consumption of sugary soft drinks leads to a decrease in brain adaptability and the loss of important learning functions, decreasing your neuron power with every can. Even worse, pop appears to dangerously raise levels of plaque deposits in the brain, a contributing factor in degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Eliminating pop from your life is an effective way to boost your brain’s functions and protect it from future damage.

So give drinking pop the boot and make simple swaps such as choosing water or unsweetened fruit juice to get healthier–your body will thank you for it!