DIY: 100% Healthy Popsicle Recipe


I have a problem:

When it’s hot outside (and it’s been a pretty hot summer), I enjoy cold snacks! The problem with most summer snacks is that they’re usually loaded with sugar (think: ice cream, freezies, slurpees, etc.). I have a hard time finding readily available summer snacks, a part from fruit. Do you have this problem too?

Last summer, I went on a mission to find the ultimate, homemade, healthy summer snack. This was my criteria:

  • Tastes delicious
  • Has minimal sugar
  • Must be cold

Using this criteria as a guideline for recipes, I tried quite a few different things. But with one specific recipe, I hit the jackpot – protein popsicles.

The key to a good protein popsicle is the protein itself. You have to truly enjoy the protein flavor, in order to enjoy the popsicle. I tend to lean towards fruity popsicle flavors, so I chose a fruity protein powder: the 4Ever Fit Fruit Blast 100% Natural Whey in Mango.

Here’s the recipe: 

1. Mix 6 scoops of 4Ever Fit Fruit Blast 100% Natural Whey protein in 6 cups of water (my popsicle tray makes 6 popsicles, which is why I use 6 scoops of protein powder and 6 cups of water). Increase or decrease the scoops/water to suit the size of your tray

2. Pour the protein shake to the top of each popsicle mold in your tray.

3. Add a few berries to each popsicle mold (this step is optional).

4. Put in the freezer for 2-3 hours, or until set.

The result? Cool and refreshing DELICIOUS-NESS.

Like I mentioned above, because I enjoy fruity popsicles, I chose a fruit flavored protein powder. You can use any protein powder that you like.

Give this recipe a try and let me know how it goes. If you have your own healthy summer recipes, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.




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