Did You Know You Can Drink Mushrooms for Better Health?

Mushrooms can be tossed on a salad, cooked with onion and layered on a steak, but did you know that drinking them is even better for you?

There are countless fungi in this world waiting to be discovered and researched.  In fact, current estimates suggest that there are as many as 5.1 million species of fungi in the world [1]. There are several types of fungi have health benefits and the most well-known ones are mushrooms. Genetically, mushrooms are more similar to humans than plants, which is why consuming a mushroom has an amplified effect on our bodies [2]. The DNA in mushrooms are more similar to humans than other plants, which means that the small handful of mushrooms that cause diseases or illness are harder to combat. On the other hand, mushrooms with health benefits like the reishi or chaga mushroom tend to have a greater effect on our health when compared with plants with health benefits.Reishi-mushroom-nature-compressor.jpg

Mushrooms have always been known for having highly absorbable medicinal qualities that can have extremely beneficial effects on your body. These fantastic fungi have been used in Chinese and Japanese herbal medicines for thousands of years. Mushrooms are a popular addition to dishes such as ramen, nabe, and sukiyaki. This trend has only recently migrated into North America where we have started to discover the health benefits of the fungi.

Four Sigmatic was founded by four Finnish entrepreneurs, self-titled the “funguys”, to influence people to consume more of the best mushrooms – the fungi that are carefully studied with amazing health benefits. Their company realizes that there is an interest in convenient superfoods and want to make it as easy as possible to consume this superfood without having to take it as a pill. Their unique products are potent drinkable mushrooms added in coffee, hot cacao, and smoothies.Drink_hot_cocoa_cacao_mushroom_mix_four_sigmatic.jpg

The company uses a unique process to obtain the most out of the nutrient-dense mushrooms. They focus on four beneficial mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps. Mushrooms are dried and then the nutrients are extracted in boiling water. After a few hours, all water-soluble nutrients are extracted and alcohol is used to remove the fat-soluble nutrients. The two extracts are then dried, resulting in a pure powder to mix with volcanic-grown Indonesian cacao, coconut palm sugar, cinnamon, and stevia to create a delicious hot cacao drink. This drink boasts amazing benefits such as helping melt away stress and balancing hormones.

In North America, there is a general aversion to mushrooms – a stance that is now changing. People sometimes assume mushrooms are dangerous, when in fact the only mushrooms make their way into consumer products are ones that have amazing health benefits. Another barrier is the taste and consistency, as traditional western cuisine does not use many types of mushrooms; the taste and texture of some mushrooms can be hard to get used to. This is where Four Sigmatic found their opportunity to share their love for fungi. The taste and texture of fungi like the distinct reishi mushroom is overpowered by the drink mixture to provide you with the health benefits without the difficulty of consuming the mushroom.

When shopping for mushrooms or mushroom drinks, it is important to look for mushrooms that are free from pesticides and other contaminants, as the fungi will absorb contaminants from the soil. Some mushrooms can be concentrated in heavy metals, water pollutants, and air contamination, so purchasing from reliable sources are vital to keeping your body healthy.


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