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The Benefits & Safety of Collagen for Kids

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The Benefits & Safety of Collagen for Kids

Do you think your child could benefit from taking collagen? Learn more about collagen for kids, including its safety and uses!

If you've ever seen or read anything about collagen, you've probably heard all about collagen's anti-ageing benefits.

Collagen, however, is beneficial for so much more than just anti-ageing! Collagen's health benefits span all ages, but that brings up the question for many parents: Is collagen safe for kids?

Keep reading to find out the answer and learn all about what collagen for kids can do!

The Benefits & Safety of Collagen for Kids

Is Collagen Safe For Kids?

Let's get the big question out of the way: collagen (in the right amount) is safe and beneficial for children.

The human body naturally produces collagen. Additionally, many foods you already feed your children contain this essential protein. Thanks to this, the risk involved in supplementing is extremely low (as long as you do not over-supplement). We will talk about the proper dosage later in this article.

As with any health advice, if you have any concerns, please discuss them with your pediatrician. Every child is unique and will have different health circumstances.

What is Collagen?

Now that you know that collagen is safe for children, let's break down exactly what collagen is.

The protein mainly responsible for skin elasticity and joint health is collagen. It is found in your blood, muscles, and bones, accounting for one-third of all the protein in your body!

While skin elasticity is not usually at the top of the list of children's health needs, the other health benefits of collagen can be very beneficial in your child's short-term and long-term health. We'll talk about those benefits in the next section.

Benefits of Collagen for Kids

The benefits of collagen for children span many different areas, but we will focus on five of them today:

  1. Bone Health

    Your bones contain collagen, which helps hold minerals like calcium and phosphate in place and allows for stronger, healthier joints and bones.
    Children are constantly growing and moving, so collagen is a great way to keep their bones and joints healthy as they grow.

  2. Sleep

    If there's one thing that kids and adults disagree on, it's sleep. Children try to escape it, while parents crave more of it.

    According to researchers, the glycine from collagen decreases the time it takes for an individual to fall asleep and reach a state of "deep sleep".

    Children need ample sleep to grow, as much of their growth and development happens during slumber. Collagen can help your kids get to sleep faster. (which means YOU get to sleep faster!) What parent doesn't want that?

  3. Wound/Skin Healing

    While collagen is known as an anti-ageing product, its effects on skin elasticity can significantly help children.

    Kids aren't the most physically stable, but how can you blame them? They just grew the legs they're attempting to stand and walk on!

    When your child gets the inevitable scraped knee, collagen can help to heal those wounds faster by supplementing the body with the necessary nutrients to recover.

  4. Digestive Health

    Monitoring every meal your child eats is nearly impossible between school, playdates, and home life. Sometimes different foods can cause inflammation in the gut and allow toxins into the bloodstream.

    Those toxins can cause long-term issues all over the body, including headaches, acne, diarrhea, and even 'bad behaviour'. Collagen can help with this by promoting cell turnover and tissue growth, thus helping to seal the leaks and improve overall gut health.

  5. Cardiovascular Health

    The last health benefits of collagen we'll discuss today are cardiovascular health benefits. The heart and the blood vessels are made of connective tissue, and the main protein in this tissue is collagen.

    The blood vessels and heart deliver oxygen and nutrients all over the body. As children grow, it is essential that these nutrients efficiently travel throughout their bodies. Collagen helps that process happen more efficiently!

How to Serve Collagen to Kids

Now that we've gone over the safety and benefits of collagen for children, let's dive into the different ways of serving collagen to your kids.

Kids are known to be picky eaters, luckily, adding a collagen supplement is easy!

Pick an unflavored collagen powder, such as the Vital Proteins Unflavored Collagen Peptides, and mix it with hot water to dissolve. Then, you can easily add it to any juice, smoothie, or milk.

It is important to remember that collagen contains protein, and too much protein can cause dehydration. The maximum daily intake of protein for toddlers is 50 to 70 grams, and one scoop of the Vital Proteins Collagen powder has 18 grams of protein, so it is crucial to monitor your child's diet to ensure they don't go over.

Many whole foods contain collagen, such as fish, chicken, egg whites, and citrus fruits. If your child is already eating an adequate amount of foods from this list, be sure not to over-supplement them with more collagen.

Happy Kids, Happy Life

Collagen is not only safe for your child to consume, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for them. Collagen for kids will provide many immediate short-term benefits, such as improved sleep and recovery, acting as a sturdy building block to improve your child's future health.

Our supplements for kids section has everything you need if you are interested in other safe supplements for your child. Your action now will make for stronger, healthier kids in the future!