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Why You Should Be Using Clean Beauty Products

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Why You Should Be Using Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty products are healthier, more environmentally-friendly, and safer for you to use. Here's everything you need to know about clean beauty.

Toxic chemicals invade the world in so many ways.

The last thing that anyone needs is for these chemicals to enter their bloodstream, which in turn, may lead to severe health issues.

Of course, no one would intentionally put chemicals on their skin knowing this, right?

Unfortunately, that is so far from the truth.

Every day, millions of people around the world use skincare products that are contaminated with a variety of chemicals that have the potential to do some serious harm in the long run.

Your skin is not only your largest organ, but it’s also the thinnest.

This means that anything you apply to your skin will enter your bloodstream, making your entire body susceptible to conditions like allergies and possibly even cancer.

So, what should you do about this?

Switch over to clean beauty products.

In this post, we'll be looking at:

  • The top skincare ingredients to avoid
  • Why clean beauty products are a better choice
  • What to look for when purchasing clean beauty products
  • And, a few clean beauty brands that you can try out


Let's dive right into it.

The Top Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, there are a ‘Dirty Dozen’ ingredients that are found in 80% of skincare products.

These ingredients include:

  • BHA and BHT: Linked to cancer. Often used as a preservative in make-up and moisturizers.
  • Coal Tar Dyes: Linked to cancer and neurotoxicity. Found in hair dyes.
  • DEA: Linked to cancer. Found in products that are creamy and foam, such as shampoo.
  • Dibutyl Phthalate: Reproductive toxicant. Used as a plasticizer in nail care products.
  • Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: Linked to cancer. Found in many cosmetics.
  • Parabens: Linked to complications in the male reproductive system. Used as a preservative in cosmetics.
  • Parfum: Linked to allergies, asthma, cancer, and neurotoxicity. Found in a variety of cosmetics.
  • PEG Compounds: Linked to cancer. Used in cream-based cosmetics.
  • Petrolatum: Linked to cancer. Used in hair products for shine and lip balms with a moisture barrier.
  • Siloxanes:  Reproductive toxicant and linked to disrupting the endocrine system.  Found is cosmetics that soften, smooth, or moisten.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Linked to cancer. Found in shampoos and cosmetics that foam.
  • Triclosan: Linked to antibiotic resistance and disrupting the endocrine system. Found in antibacterial cosmetics.

From this list, it is evident that there could be some serious long term damage to our health, by using multiple skincare products with these chemical ingredients.

Clearly, clean beauty products seem to be a better choice.

Why You Should Use Clean Beauty Products

Beauty and health are intimately connected and true beauty is an extension of a healthy mind and body.

As the health industry is increasingly focused on natural solutions to a wide range of maladies, a similar trend can be seen in the beauty industry.

Clean beauty products are associated with a number of benefits, from safety to environmental impact.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to using clean beauty products.

1. Clean beauty products are environmentally-friendly.

Many standard beauty products are produced from ingredients that harm the environment and manufactured in facilities that have a negative impact on their ecosystems.

These products contain dangerous chemicals that contribute to water contamination, waste, and air pollution, so natural products offer an improved alternative for people who care about the earth.

2. Clean beauty products are a healthier option.

Naturally, beauty products that contain no chemicals, artificial colours, or other unnatural fillers are better for your body.

People who have sensitive skin typically find that standard beauty products irritate their skin.

Additionally, many common ingredients in traditional products are associated with a wide range of health effects.

For example, phthalates appear in many consumer cosmetics, but research shows these substances may cause damage to DNA.

Clean beauty products are a healthier option because they don’t contain harsh chemicals.

3. Clean beauty products are kind to your nose.

Traditional beauty products use artificial fragrances to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in the production process.

The overlapping effect of multiple chemicals can have adverse effects on some people, causing headache, runny noses, or difficulty breathing.

Natural health and beauty products smell like their ingredients, not a concoction of chemicals.

Further, clean beauty products scented with natural essential oils can even provide effects similar to aromatherapy.

Now that you know the benefits of using clean beauty products, let's take a quick look at how to choose the right ones for you.

What to Look for When Purchasing Clean Beauty Products

When choosing natural beauty and skincare items, look for products that are:

  • Organic
  • Simple (you should be able to pronounce the ingredients)
  • Fragrance-free
  • In BPA free containers
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made with a conscious effort to protect the environment

By making an effort to learn about the ingredients in the skincare products that you choose, you are enabling yourself for a chance at a disease-free, healthy life.

Top Clean Beauty Brands to Try 

If you're ready to make the switch to healthier beauty products, we have a few great suggestions to help you get started.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Founded in 2010, the Lorna Vanderhaeghe line of natural health and beauty products is the culmination of more than 30 years experience in the nutritional medicine industry.

All Lorna Vanderhaeghe products are subjected to rigorous quality control and safety standards to empower women in their health and beauty regime.

Recommended Products: GLA Borage Oil and Active Collagen.

Divaderme Cosmetics

A world-renowned cosmetics company that specializes in 2 in 1 beauty products, Divaderme was founded in Italy by an integrated team of inventors, natural chemists, and artists.

They manufacture an extensive range of beauty products for your lashes, brows, eyes, lips, and skin using natural ingredients.

Recommended Products: Cosmetics Brow Extender and Cosmetics Lash Extender.

Andalou Naturals

Natural, sustainable products and a socially responsible business model have made Andalou Naturals a popular clean beauty brand.

Their face, hair, and body products naturally protect your most important assets and all their products are sulphate-free, colour-safe, and vegan-friendly.

Recommended Products: Full Volume Lavender & Biotin Shampoo and 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream

Final Thoughts

Though we’ve only touched on some of the products available from the top clean beauty brands, you can already see there are many viable and safe natural alternatives to traditional cosmetics.

Whether you are sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in consumer cosmetics or looking for a better product for your health and your environment, clean beauty products are a great choice.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new.

Don't forget to leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts on clean beauty products!