Chlorella: A Simple Powder for Unparalleled Nutrition

Chlorella Powder and tablets.jpgChemicals are a norm of industry and agriculture, with high concentrations emitted to create goods, as well as trace amounts in the products that we use. A large portion of these chemicals eventually end up in bodies of water. As a byproduct of industry, or used in agriculture, chemicals have a negative effect on the environment and our bodies. Some chemicals are directly disposed into water and pesticides can be carried through rainfall into streams and underground water sources, which then make their way into the ocean. The seafood we consume from the oceans tend to have increased concentrations of heavy metals and mercury.

In addition, there are acceptable levels of toxic chemicals in the products we use and food we consume. Chemicals known to cause health issues like lead in food, petrolatum in shampoos and hair, and BHA in makeup and moisturizers are allowed in everyday products in limited quantities. The intention is to minimize the impact of harmful chemicals. However, the effect of small amounts of chemicals amalgamate into a much larger issue when it overwhelms your body.

Your body is naturally able to eliminate many of the harmful chemicals that we are exposed to. This system is designed to protect you from harmful environmental toxins, but it can be overwhelmed with the level of exposure in modern products. The issue is actualized when you consider the rapid increase in people with cancer and brain disorders like Parkinson’s, autism and Alzheimer’s linked to exposure to harmful chemicals. There has also been an increase in more common conditions that point to exposure to toxic buildup like fatigue, digestive distress, depression and reproductive issues.

What is chlorella?

An exceptional and widely-used source for health and nutrition in Canada, the United States, and various countries in Asia used to combat chemicals is chlorella, which are single-cell green algae that are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It has the potential to have a clear daily benefit to consumption, which is supported by the nutritional value of the algae.

{{cta(’72a0eef5-6a51-4acf-b77d-d4052296cfad’,’justifyright’)}}Chlorella is best known for containing a high content of complete protein, including essential amino acids. There are significant levels of vitamins A, B, C, E, beta-carotene, trace minerals, iron, and calcium. The algae also includes elevated concentrations of DNA and RNA, which helps in providing material for your own DNA/RNA regeneration.

When choosing a chlorella product, you must understand the origins of this green superfood. The algae grow naturally in fresh water, with the bulk of chlorella consumed coming from mineral-rich freshwater ponds exposed to direct sunlight. The algae absorb all these nutrients and minerals before undergoing a harvesting process overlooked by microbiologists to ensure a high nutrient value.

As such, each chlorella product from a different company is unique because the environment and harvesting process affects the nutritional content of the powder or capsule. Drying, packaging, shipping and other actions that bring this superfood to your doorstep almost guarantee that one chlorella product will not be identical to the next, which is why you should take some time to learn about some of the best brands of algae in this slideshow.


An alternative function

Dietary concerns are a regular theme in the lives of many people, but chlorella also supports another important but often dismissed function: detoxification. Chlorella is the most used supplement in Japan, with over 10 million regular users, a number that exceeds any vitamin or mineral supplement in North America. In Japan, chlorella is especially appreciated for its detoxification functions where the micro-algae bind to metals, chemicals and pesticides, allowed by its unique molecular structure and miniscule size.

The natural action of chlorella is to bind to harmful substances like heavy metals and pesticides found in your digestive system. The binding action happens before these substances enter your bloodstream and facilitates the elimination of these materials from your body. As an added bonus, chlorella will not bind to beneficial minerals like zinc or calcium, making it a supplement chock-full of benefits. In addition, extensive testing has proven that chlorella is effective for removing radioactive particles from human bodies, which is why algae is recommended for people exposed to radiation.


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