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  • Coconut Oil For Skin

    Coconut Oil For Skin, The Unexpected Benefits

    We all know the benefits of including coconut oil in our diets, but do you know what happens when you use coconut oil for skin care? Is Coconut Oil Good For You? Before diving into the benefits of coconut oil for skin, let’s take a look at where it comes from and how it works. Coconut oil comes from the coconut palm tree, and has been so highly valued by…

  • Collagen Production

    Your body is an amazing thing… Right now, as you’re reading this article, your body is making collagen. That’s right, you’re multitasking and you didn’t even realize it.

  • Natural & Immediate Ways to Heal a Sunburn

    When it comes to sun care, prevention is the key, but if you’ve donned your wide-brimmed hat, slathered on sunscreen like clockwork and still managed to get a raw, red burn, have no fear. These fantastic skin-soothers are guaranteed to take the pain out of sunny days, naturally.  

  • Astonishing Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Gets Rid of Dandruff

    I hate to admit it, but I have a problem with dandruff.  It’s embarrassing. I’ve tried traditional methods of using dandruff shampoos and tar-based remedies but they leave me with more problems.  The relief is temporary, my scalp gets drier, and the itchiness and flakes that plague me still come back.

  • Probiotics: Food is the Secret to Treat Skin Conditions

    Over the past decade, our understanding of probiotics in the field of health care has increased.  An extensive amount of research has been conducted regarding the health benefits of probiotic foods and supplements, particularly in relation to probiotic effects on gastrointestinal health [1]. 

  • Why Should You Switch to Natural Beauty Products?

    Beauty and health are intimately connected and true beauty is an extension of a healthy mind and body.  As the health industry is increasingly focused on natural solutions to a wide range of maladies, a similar trend can be seen in the beauty industry.  Natural beauty products are associated with a number of benefits from safety to environmental impact.