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Bulletproof Coffee and What It Can Do For You

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Bulletproof Coffee and What It Can Do For You

What can you expect a cup of coffee to do for you? Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee.

From the mountains of Tibet and plains of Ethiopia to the lounges of modern-day keto gurus, the legends of ‘buttered’ coffee echo everywhere. In fact, it has been brought from the mountains into your living room because it is so effective!

If you are interested in better alternatives to the usual, processed foods and beverages, you have probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee. If you haven’t, read on to find out what it is, what it does, and the ingredients that make it special.

The Basics

Consider what you have for breakfast every morning; maybe some toast slathered with butter, or some scrambled eggs. There’s one more thing needed to complete the picture: a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Coffee is the most-consumed beverage in the United States at about 88.8 gallons per capita. Yes, that’s a lot. Whether you work at a florist shop or a desk, your morning routine is incomplete without the smell of coffee beans. It gives you the energy spike you need on those dreary Monday mornings. But what about the downer that comes after?

Bulletproof Coffee is the solution to several problems that you might face as a coffee drinker. This rich, creamy, keto-friendly coffee gives your mind a boost while improving your mood and even promoting weight loss!

Power Up

Coffee is not just a hack that gets you up and about after a hard night of partying. If you choose the Bulletproof Coffee to get through your mornings, you have signed up for much more than that. Your bulletproof cup of java will give you the steady power-up you need to stay energized throughout the day; without the sleepy after-effects of regular coffee.

Calorie Replacement

Back to those filling breakfasts we spoke about earlier. If you are in a hurry most mornings and don’t manage to get enough calories in your system, Bulletproof Coffee can be good news. The manufacturers and users alike recommend this power-packed coffee as a meal replacement. It is rich in calories and quite filling; that’s how it can keep your body fueled for hours.

Improves Mood

One reason why Bulletproof coffee is considered such a bio-hack is its ability to lift moods and make you feel better instantly. It brings about a general feeling of wellbeing that is associated with good health, and who doesn’t enjoy that!

Bulletproof Coffee is successful in doing this by increasing the testosterone in our bodies; a chemical that pushes you to get going and get things done. It sounds like the perfect choice for those lazy and unproductive office mornings, doesn’t it?

Fires up Your Mind

Ever felt like your brain is just inaccessible to you? Bulletproof Coffee can counter that for you too. Many users have reported that Bulletproof coffee gives their minds a much-needed boost. Productivity and energy levels are both elevated, leading to higher brain function than normal.


Bulletproof Coffee does boast of richness and calories, but the best part is that it is keto-friendly. If you are on a diet for weight-loss, you can easily incorporate the coffee in your everyday routine without having to deviate from your plan. The same cannot be said for regular coffee!

What Makes it Work?

So how does Bulletproof Coffee do all this? Did they cut a deal with the devil? Well, you will be pleased to know that no supernatural powers are involved. The idea behind Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) is simple: add a ridiculously large amount of healthy fats to your organic, naturally-sourced coffee and blend it until it’s ready.

With the new studies and researches in neuroscience and brain health, we now know that when we ingest good fats in higher amounts, our brains and bodies function more effectively. This is what gives Bulletproof Coffee its trademark power-up.

Wonder Ingredients

When Ethiopians and Tibetans used this coffee, they called it ‘buttered’ or ‘yak milk’ coffee. This is because of the specially added fats that give this wonder product its myriad beneficial characteristics. In Bulletproof Coffee, healthy fats in the form of grass-fed butter or ghee are used for a similar effect. ‘Grass-fed’ means that there are likely higher concentrations of good fats in the butter than usual.

Moreover, the coffee beans in Bulletproof Coffee are clean, and sourced from well-kept farms. The quality of the bean greatly affects the end result and the quality of the coffee as well. This is why special attention is paid to where the beans are coming from.

Last but not least, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil can be considered the secret ingredient in this miracle beverage. These triglycerides travel straight to the liver and are processed more easily as compared to Omega 3 and 6. This means that instead of saving the energy, MCT gives you readier access to it.

Delectable Taste

If the idea of an oily coffee seems unappetizing, let us ease your worries. A hot mug of Bulletproof Coffee is not only beneficial in several ways, but it is also delicious! The frothy, creamy goodness will make it the most delicious cup of coffee that will bring you back for more.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of Bulletproof Coffee include improved metabolism, stabilized gut health, and increased mood and strength. It can also help in shedding those extra pounds you have been trying to lose for ages!

All this can be achieved with one cup of delicious coffee; sounds almost too good to be true. But this combination of well-sourced coffee beans, the caffeine kick, and all the healthy fats are a recipe for success- quite literally.

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