Breakfast of Champions, the Delicious Variety

It’s commonly understood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And that’s not just based on popularity of opinion, as there’s easy-to-understand logic in coming to that conclusion. There is the longest duration of time between the previous day’s dinner and breakfast the next.

sports-1050966__340.pngSo with that understood, let’s next debunk the assertion of a special brand of breakfast cereal (which shall remain nameless, but we imagine you’re almost certainly aware of who we’re talking about) is the breakfast of champions. Be assured that there’s likely not even one ‘champion’ of any sort who eats sugary flakes in the morning.

Indeed, dedicated athletes – professional, amateur, or recreational – who genuinely care about their performance and results will be choosing to ingest much more nutrient-dense and energy provisioning meals in the morning. Are they the most delicious and taste bud-satisfying creations? Perhaps sometimes, but most of the time they’re probably not. The focus for these individuals isn’t on taste, however.

If a dish can be made to be reasonably tasty that’s a plus, but the priority is having it provide the required levels of micronutrients that give their bodies what they need to go hard and recover from that extreme exertion. Protein powders are blended into all sorts of mixes, concoctions, and the like, but a good many of them aren’t compatible for vegan athletes or those who aren’t strictly vegan but still prefer a primarily plant-based diet.

Alright, as we get to where we’re going with this, here’s a pair of truths that may surprise you then: A highest quality plant-based protein powder like SunWarrior Classic Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Protein Powder is 100% the supplement equal of any standard protein powder source. Don’t think for a minute your powder needs to have animal-product protein constituents. Athletes who think flapjacks are fantastic can still have them for breakfast!

We’re always keen to learn of recipes for vegans and for vegan athletes in particular, so we thought we’d take this week’s opportunity to share a delicious vegan breakfast recipe that’s full of protein. Super Tasty Vegan Protein Pancakes This recipe is from our good friend, Loralynn Reddy. She’s shared it with us, and we’re sharing it with you:

Super Tasty Vegan Protein Pancakes


These pancakes are made from organic flour and feature an infusion of SunWarrior vegan protein powder to make them a great choice for vegan athletes looking for a filling, tasty, and still plant-based breakfast choice.
Organic gluten free oat flour
Gluten-free baking powder
Unrefined sea salt
Organic cane sugar
Vegan egg substitute (Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer)
Coconut milk
Vegan butter alternative
Coconut butter or similar product (Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Spread)
SunWarrior Classic Raw Vegan Protein
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 3 servings of 2 pancakes

Calories: 108
Fat: 3.7g
1. Mix organic gluten free oat flour with baking powder, sugar, and salt
2. In another bowl, mix together egg substitute, coconut milk, and butter substitute
3. Combine both groups of ingredients together and stir
4. Let stand for 5 minutes to thicken mixture. If too thick, add more coconut milk
5. Grease pan or skillet with moderate quantity of coconut oil, or suitable substitute
6. Preheat pan or griddle to 300 degress Farhrenheit
7. Add additional fruit ingredients as desired (*not listed in ingredients)
8. Cook until lightly brown and then flip (typically around 2 minutes)
9. Cook the other side for around 1 minute
10. Repeat steps for each pancake

We hope you find them to be as tasty as we do, and you can count on that vegan protein taking care of your muscles and their recovery needs after you train or compete hard that day. It’s a great choice and made by the good folks at SunWarrior, who are 100% of the belief that plants are the cleanest and most nutrient dense foods.