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The loud grind of a motor and whirling blades slices through the otherwise quiet of the morning in my kitchen. My blender’s growl is a common sound in my daily routine, often making its forceful clamor multiple times in one day. I always make sure my fridge is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables and my pantry with natural protein powders, as homemade shakes are much healthier and cheaper than the pre-mixed blends you find at supermarkets. 

You could call me a smoothie nut (I do like nutty flavors in my smoothies), as I am such an advocate for these nutritious drinks. Easy-to-make, great-tasting, and convenient to carry around, protein smoothies offer a dose of nutrition and satisfaction unparalleled by other snacks. I believe that you can consume a protein smoothie at any time, given that you have the right recipe. 


This wonderful collection of recipes beautifully e-bound together in a digital book include some of my favorites from years of experiments with blenders.  The book includes a range of recipes that are suitable for a high-energy workout individual or a healthy breakfast. There are sweet and refreshing recipes, chocolate and fruity recipes, and many others to build up your smoothie roster.

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