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Benefits of Metagenics: Everything You Need to Know

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Benefits of Metagenics: Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious about the benefits of Metagenics? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Metagenics for your needs.

Analysts expect the global vitamins and mineral supplements market to grow by 6.85% by 2023. Are you among the many Canadians looking to improve your health through supplements?

Unfortunately, finding the best supplements is not always easy. You want products that are safe, effective, and give you a good value. But not all supplement brands provide this.

Thankfully, Metagenics has a long-standing global reputation for quality. Find out more about the benefits of Metagenics in this article.

Benefits of Metagenics: Everything You Need to Know

benefits of metagenics supplements

What is Metagenics?

Metagenics is a prominent health product and supplement company. They've been developing and producing a variety of supplements for almost 40 years.

Metagenics partners with medical practitioners. As a result, these partnerships help patients reach their health and wellness goals. They have over 100,000 practitioner-customer partnerships around the world.

Their philosophy focuses on personalized lifestyle medicine. Likewise, they emphasize a clinically designed approach. Techniques for achieving positive health outcomes include:

  • Behaviour modifications
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional support

The Metagenics line includes products for men, women, children, and the elderly. Additionally, they offer a range of formulations. These support different areas of the body and health.

Benefits of Metagenics Supplements

Metagenics sets itself apart from other supplement companies in several ways. For example, you can be more confident in the quality and innovation of their products.

Here are some more benefits of Metagenics supplements.

1. Ingredient Quality

Metagenics offers more than 350 gluten-free products. Also, they have over 310 non-GMO products and more than 120 vegetarian products. Their supplements contain no artificial sweeteners or artificial colours.

Besides this, Metagenics follows good manufacturing practices (GMP). Three independent organizations certify their production facilities each year. In turn, this helps assure the highest quality production standards.

non GMO supplement manufacturing practices

2. Label Transparency

Metagenics tests every ingredient in every batch of its products. Plus, they conduct over 48,000 quality control tests each year. This testing helps assure the consistency and efficacy of Metagenics products.

The TruQuality platform lets you see the testing information for every batch. This data is available for every product that Metagenics makes. You can enter a lot number to see the quality testing information.

3. Scientific Research

Metagenics partners with top-tier institutions to expand the boundaries of nutritional science. Metagenics even spent around $7 million on research and development in 2016.

Furthermore, Metagenics has more than 67 patents for a variety of nutritional solutions.

4. Sustainability

When you buy Metagenics products, you're supporting sustainable business practices. You benefit your health while also benefiting the environment.

For example, the Metagenics Gig Harbor campus in Washington has a zero-water footprint. All marketing materials use post-consumer waste. They even go as far as recycling over 38 tons of waste every year.

In addition to all of this, their corporate headquarters building is LEED-Certified. It uses less water and energy, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Supporting the Global Community

Metagenics has a long-standing commitment to supporting the global community. They partner with local non-profit organizations for food and coat drives.

Metagenics also donates nutrition bars to charitable organizations fighting hunger. Vitamin donations for children are another example of community support.

The benefits of Metagenics products go beyond your physical health. You know you're helping to make a difference in a larger community.

Benefits of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Metagenics products are part of your personalized lifestyle medicine strategy. Personalized lifestyle medicine is critical when managing chronic diseases.

For instance, this type of medicine uses a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. These include identifying genetic variants or biomarkers. These markers help determine how diseases and treatments affect you.

Unsure where to start? Your health care provider can develop a strategy with you. Typically, strategies involve diet, exercise, managing stress, and environmental factors.

Once you've determined what's best for you, Metagenics supplements can contribute to the success of your health goals. Their wide range of products lets you find the exact nutritional support you need.

Metagenics Supplements

Metagenics has an extensive product line. Here are a few examples of the health benefits you may see from specific products.

Metagenics Multivitamin

Multivitamins help ensure you get the nutrition you need. Food is the best source of vitamins and minerals, but many people don't get enough from food alone. That's why Metagenics offers several multivitamins, such as the Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron.

Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron

The combination of vitamins and minerals in these multivitamins supports many health functions. For example, vitamins B6, C, D, and E promote heart health. Vitamins A and B12 support your liver function. And Vitamin D and Magnesium support bone health.

The PhytoMulti includes a blend of fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts with phytonutrients. This mixture is rich in antioxidants for the highest level of nutritional support.

Metagenics MetaKids Probiotic

Another flagship Metagenics product is their MetaKids Probiotic.

Probiotics can affect many aspects of your health. These microorganisms support gastrointestinal health and promote better nutrient absorption. They can help your respiratory health and support your immune system.

This probiotic provides a proprietary blend of highly viable, pure strains of “friendly” bacteria that have been clinically shown to support immune health.

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