Benefits Of Ginseng Tea

In celebration of Chinese New Year, let’s discuss the importance of Tea in Chinese culture.

The Benefits of Ginseng Tea


The benefits of Ginseng Tea and Tea in general is an important part of Chinese tradition. Today in China, while the tea houses are still popular gathering places, the importance of tea in daily life is very evident at the table. Tea is one of the most important parts of every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tea has been related to Chinese culture for over 5000 years, and has been widely noted for its medicinal properties. Ginseng tea is quite prevalent in ancient traditional Chinese literature, used as a herbal medicine dating back to about 100 A.D. Fast-forward those 5000 years, tea has become a staple internationally.

This sparks a few questions with some of our readers, like:

 “Is ginseng tea caffeinated?”

Ginseng vs Caffeine

Caffeine is an alkaloid element found in certain substances like Green Tea, which is known to stimulate the CNS (central nervous system). Ginseng can also found in certain energy drinks and it is known to promote energy level and mental activity. Ginseng is a herb with a fleshy root, which is commonly found in Asia and North America. While Caffeine is a catabolic, Ginseng is Anabolic. Ginseng builds energy in the body and also increases health and vitality. It uses a process in which food is broken down into natural sugars that can be easily used by the cells. On the other hand, Caffeine is known to build energy at a faster pace. It involves the breaking down of nutrients that are stored in the body.


 “Is ginseng tea good for weight loss?”

If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds, ginseng tea would certainly help you in your dietary habits. This herbal tea is widely popular as a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking it can provide slimming benefits to the body by boosting your metabolism and burning fat at a higher rate.


 “Is ginseng tea safe during pregnancy? or is ginseng tea safe while breastfeeding?”

Ginseng should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women, whether as an herbal supplement or in tea. Panax ginsengs have been attributed to a low milk supply in breastfeeding moms.

Some other health benefits of Ginseng tea include:

Improved brain function

Ginseng tea acts as a stimulant to the brain cells. It improves focus and cognitive capabilities. It is highly recommended for students so they can have an improved brain functioning.

Relieves menstrual cramps

American ginseng tea is well-known for its cooling effect. It has been recommended for young women who suffer from menstrual cramps and distress. It also minimizes the stomach pain associated with menstruation.

Cancer prevention

Ginseng is known for its rich anti-cancer properties. Studies have shown that people who drink the tea have a lower risk of developing cancer. Medical professionals highly recommend herbal teas like Ginseng tea as they eliminate the risk of cancerous cell growth in the body.

Stress relief

Ginseng affects the body’s nervous system in many ways, including stimulating the metabolism and boosting energy levels. These both can help reduce stress and anxiety in the body. In addition, and possibly more importantly, the adaptogens found within ginseng have been shown to alter the hormonal levels of the body, which can also help lower stress hormone levels and achieve a better balanced mood.


“Where to buy ginseng tea?”

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**Word of Caution: Ginseng is a very powerful spice, and as such, can cause negative reactions in the body, causing upset stomach, headaches, sleep issues, and allergic reactions. While the side effects are usually mild, you should still consult a medical professional before adding it to your regular diet or supplement regimen.

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