Amps Between The Ears: The Buzz About Bulletproof Coffee

Name yourself ‘Bulletproof’ in regards to pretty much anything, and you’re setting the bar really high in as far as expectations about the solidity of your product, service – whatever it may be. It had better be good! So in as far as Bulletproof Coffee is concerned, the reviews it’s drawing from people of differing ages and lifestyles suggests they haven’t overestimated themselves in naming their product. 

It’s worth mentioning that Bulletproof Coffee is an outgrowth of the Bulletproof Diet, which is the brainchild of Dave Asprey, who went from being a successful Silicon Valley millionaire who weighed nearly 300 pounds and had serious health concerns to be equally financially successful but 100+lb-lighter man with immense improvements in mental faculties and energy levels.

thinking-2006869__340.pngBulletproof Coffee is formulated based on the same principles as the diet as a whole – consuming food and nutrient sources in forms that are closer to their natural state and in doing so looking past conventional (and by in large erroneous) thinking that certain aspects of the nutritional composition of these foods (like saturated fat for instance) are inherently detrimental to the body.

So let’s dig deeper into why Bulletproof Coffee is one of the many ways to improve brain power and improve mental focus and clarity.


The Power of the Bean – As Nature Intended It


Some of you may be surprised to learn that the way coffee beans are processed in most instances actually detracts considerably from the inherent properties they have to offer those who ingest them. Most notable of these is the fact that conventional coffee roasting methods can promote mould toxins in the coffee, and these toxins can contribute to chronic health issues – and brain fog in particular.

A coffee that’s prepared more organically and in quality soil in specific climate conditions will avoid this and bring much more in the way of the natural brain-clarity and augmented focus and energy that caffeine naturally wields.

Bulletproof coffee beans are grown to exacting standards at a high altitude in Guatemala before being hand-harvested, carefully processed, handled and roasted to maintain their maximum integrity. These Guatemalan estates are certified passive organic that will not stand for the use of herbicide or pesticide chemicals.

And while the hand harvesting is particularly important, the most relevant fact in what makes Bulletproof Coffee so much different is that it doesn’t follow the ‘standard’ processing method for the beans. This involves leaving the beans in the sun to wither and dry, or pressing them and letting them ferment to remove the outer layer of the bean. These techniques can lead to mould toxins mentioned above, along with bacteria and toxins that are produced as part of the roasting process.

So, in essence, it’s not that this coffee features any sort of magic constituents that make it further your cognitive sharpness. Rather, it’s that it isn’t exposed to any of the degrading effects that compromise the quality of the bean with standard coffee roasting.

While it’s not really obligatory, we’ll go ahead and apologize to those of you for whom we’ve ruined the purity of the way the think of their cup of coffee. But perhaps it’s for the better!

The Brew, and then Some

Right then, we’ve gone over how the purity of the roasting process with Bulletproof really preserves the integrity of the beans and doesn’t expose them to any type of degradation and the problems that can cause. That’s only part of the equation, however. There are other key additions to making REAL bulletproof coffee. You must start with genuine Bulletproof coffee, (You also have the choice of Bulletproof Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods or Bulletproof Decaf Coffee) but here’s what else you need:

  • Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil – this MCT (medium chain triglyceride)oil comes from a combination of 2 sources, coconut and palm kernels, and it works in many ways to supercharge your brain. The most notable of them, however, (and the only one we’ll mention in the interest of not going on too long) is that it supports ketone production. See the recipe below for specifics
  • Grass-fed, unsalted Butter or Ghee – In addition to making for a supremely delicious creamy cup of coffee, adding natural butter or ghee (NEVER margarine!) adds plenty of the saturated fats your brain desires.
  • Good quality, grass-fed butter contains omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, CLA (a fatty acid with powerful fat-loss benefits), and antioxidants. Grass-fed butter is also high in butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that can both prevent and decrease inflammation. Again, see the recipe for the right amount

Also, the Bulletproof Airscape Kitchen Canister is an excellent choice for newfound Bulletproof Coffee enthusiasts who want to prevent staleness and keep their superior coffee especially fresh!

Skip the Donut or Bagel

It’s a fact that carb-heavy breakfasts will spike your blood sugar. That means a quick burst of energy, but by 10 30 or so you’re tired, unfocused, and hungry again. We recommend a bulletproof coffee along with some whole-oat oatmeal and maybe some fresh fruit. Why is that?

  • Effective Hunger Suppression – Brain Octane Oil balances ghrelin and cholecystokinin (CCK), the 3 primary hunger initiation / cessation hormones in the body. There’s a lot to be said about this, but the primary relevance of this is when ghrelin’s hunger-initiation is not addressed, brain releases cortisol – and cortisol, of course, is hugely destructive for the brain and your ability to think sharply.
  • Steady lasting energy – the saturated fats in the grass-fed butter slows the absorption of caffeine, which gives you balanced energy over several hours instead of a caffeine spike and crash. That might not be increased brainpower and clarity in the most actual sense of it, but it sure will feel like it!
  • Mental clarity – And so on that note, the actual mental clarity and razor-sharp focus comes from those ketones we talked about earlier. When paired with slow-released caffeine, you inevitably feel your brain becoming sharper and enjoy it over a long period of time.

This stuff really does work!

But why is that?

The Science Stuff

All coffee is packed with essential nutrients like B vitamins, potassium, and manganese, along with plenty of beneficial antioxidants, and – more importantly – bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids can genuinely make you smarter. They do so by intensifying the firing of neurons in your brain, so messages spark across synapses with much more intensity and authority. Your brain cells will communicate faster and thoughts will arrive more quickly and you’ll be much more adept with recalling.

In addition, these bioflavonoids fuel the structures and processes that protect your brain from premature aging, and in fact actually reverse the process when working at maximum efficiency.

Other benefits include improved mood and better physical performance due to the fact your body can endure exertion over longer periods of time. And caffeine raises your metabolism extendedly so you can burn fat more efficiently and stay leaner.

One Final Reminder

We really do recommend you try bulletproof coffee, particularly if you believe you’re suffering from brain fog or if you’re more simply wish to sharpen your knife, so to speak. But one very important consideration is to NOT be ingesting (or continue to ingest) large volumes or carbohydrates and sugars within your existing diet as you begin with your bulletproof coffees.

This is because your body may store the fat from the grass-fed butter or ghee instead of using it for energy. It’s much more ideal if you are eating lighter and cleaner, and you may find you get more of the mental stimulation benefits as well.

Ready to be nearly invincible when it comes to flexing the muscle between your ears? Make it happen!