A Little Push: Supplementing for Bodybuilding Results

Many people make a hobby out of keeping one of their possessions in tip-top shape. For example, the Saturday mechanic who enjoys restoring and maintaining classic muscle cars.


 So it’s somewhat surprising that so few people choose not to maintain and enhance one of the most precious possessions ALL of us have been blessed with – our bodies! It’s really hard to argue against everything you have from the neck down being worth the utmost care, attention, and, some would say – self adoration.

bodybuilder2.pngIf you attach all 3 of those priorities to your body then you’re almost certainly a physical fitness enthusiast, and quite possibly even a bodybuilder. In the same way that Saturday mechanic would spend hours polishing the chrome bumper on a ’68 Barracuda to a spotless shine, so will the bodybuilder devote as much time and effort as necessary to have perfect pectorals or undeniably admirable abdominals.

Like anything, there’s no substitute for hard work, commitment and digging a little deeper when it comes to bodybuilding. But diet and supplementation are nearly as important, and when it comes to the best bodybuilding supplements you’ll really benefit from being explicitly in the know regarding what you want to achieve. Armed with that knowledge, you then choose supplements that will facilitate your arriving at that goal as quickly as possible.

Before we get into the actual types of effective bodybuilding supplements (and perhaps before you begin your bodybuilding program) let’s get one important fact out of the way; not all bodybuilding supplements are created equally! There’s more than a few top-end brands, but PharmaFreak is one of the best and most well renowned – for good reason. There’s a reason why the hashtag #FREAKMODE trends as much as it does, as in this case being a ‘freak’ is definitely a good thing. It means you stand out from your fellow men or women in a BIG way!


  • Fat Burners – You can build the most beautiful muscles around, but if they’re under a layer of subcutaneous fat they won’t be on display. Simple as that. As a result, fat burners are a staple for any male or female bodybuilder and often incorporated into a bodybuilding diet plan. Most, like PharmaFreak’s Ripped Freak, promote increased production of the neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine while activating cAMP, which is a key secondary messenger involved in lipolysis (melting and removing of unwanted fat deposits). What makes Ripped Freak so effective is that the formula contains no other ‘filler’ ingredients at all – just key fat-loss ingredients and nothing else. Train HARD, eat RIGHT, and take Ripped Freak as suggested and you’ll shed fat with maximum effectiveness.


  • Testosterone Boosters – This anabolic steroid is the key to building expansive lean muscle mass, and it’s the be-all end-all for men who want to be able to perform athletically (and otherwise) like men. Any search of misc bodybuilding topics will bring you across multiple mentions of the fact that if you want to build lots of muscle, you need to have your testosterone levels maxed out. Test Freak is the one of the world’s most complete testosterone boosters available, with testofen and tribulus terrestris constituents supplying saponins, which support healthy luteinizing hormones and consistently solid testosterone secretion as a result. This process is further enhanced by zinc acetate, saw palmetto, and stinging nettle. Resveratrol, apigenin, and hesperidin round out the formula equation – but all you need to know is that you’ll be getting maximum bodybuilding benefits from your testosterone production! Anabolic Freak is similarly potent as a DAA testosterone booster too!


  • Health and Performance – Naturally the primary focus is going to be on tissue growth and development, but you also need to be receptive to the fact that bodybuilding puts more basic high athletic performance demands on your body too. Top quality vitamins and minerals that promote your ability to train rigorously are also important, and that’s where a product like PharmaFreak’s VitaFreak is an excellent choice. In each pack you’ll get a unique blend of 10 complexes, each carefully formulated to provide optimal health and performance. Simply put, you won’t run out of steam or be unable to take it into a higher gear EVERY time when you’re fuelled with VitaFreak.


  • Performance and Recovery – The body recovers, rebuilds, and grows new tissue when it’s at rest. But a variety of factors determine the results you get from your ‘down’ time, and for those who aren’t getting enough out of it there’s a need for recovery supplements for bodybuilders. Many of them work on optimizing your sleep, as sleep is the number one component of your recovery. GH Freak is a cutting-edge Growth Hybrid Sleep Supplement that’s proven to be extremely effective, with a unique formulation of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), L-Theanine, Melatonin and Niacin.


  • At the end of the recovery equation are the amino acids that facilitate your actual muscle growth. Amino Freak is your best choice here, as it’s the only amino supplement to include L-Carnitine, BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and L-Theanine, and in particular it’s one of the only ones to deliver those BCAAs in the scientifically-validated ratio of 45:30:24. You don’t necessarily need to know the significance of that chain of numbers, but you certainly need to know it works – and it does!


  • Proteins and Gainers – Some bodybuilders need more in the way of protein and other supplementation sources to gain the mass they’re after – those of you who want to be BIG. Generally speaking, whey concentrate and milk protein (casein) isolate are the keys to that, and you get an optimum delivery of each with PharmaFreak’s Protein Freak. It’s a great complement to any muscle-building, fat-loss, or performance-enhancing nutrition plan. In addition, Vegan Freak has all the same benefits but in a plant-based version that’s suitable for vegan bodybuilding and is particularly easy on your digestive system.

So if you’ve made your body the source of your hobby, choosing the right supplements can really fast track you to becoming the FREAK you want to be (and again, there’s a positive connotation to the term in this context). Pump iron, eat right, rest right, and take the right extras to get you where you want to be and you’ll be getting the most out of your passion in life.