9 Natural Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

woman-bed-love-valentines-sex-drive-compressor (1).jpgBiohacking for improved mental and physical performance has become an increasingly common activity. Taking natural supplements to get the most out of your body in your daily life is a safe and effective way to achieve optimal performancein many areas of your life. In the same manner, biohacking can be applied to your sexual encounters. Increasing libido, or sex drive, through the use of supplementation is a safe way to have better sex. Libido is often linked to overall health – those who lack sex drive often can improve aspects of their overall health to help with increasing sex drive.

In men, sexual issues often include decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction, often problems that cause hesitiation to visit the doctor, as it is an uncomfortable topic to broach. In women, the problems are usually associated with a lowered sexual desire, vaginal dryness, or problems conceiving. Many supplements that aim to increase libido attempt to target low levels of testosterone or estrogen.

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L-arginine is one of the most intensely studied sex supplements and is known as a safe and effective nutrient to enhance the sexual lives of both men and women. L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide – an essential compound for blood circulation and normal sexual function. Without arginine, men would not be able to have erections. Essentially, nitrous oxide is formed by stripping a nitrogen atom from L-arginine and combining with an atom of oxygen from the blood. Thus, when more L-arginine is formed, the blood flow and supply of oxygen to a region will increase. L-arginine brings the blood to the genital areas to help the penis enlarge and make the clitoris and vaginal tissues more responsive to sexual stimulation.


Another herb that has similar effects as Viagra or Cialis is fenugreek. Its seed often an ingredient in spice cabinets, the leaves are also useful in increasing energy levels and the quality of sexual performance. A study in the journal of Phytotherapy Research reported that fenugreek boosted libido by 82%, quality of sexual performance by 62%, and sexual recovery time by 67% [1]. The herbal extract is found in approximately a third of men’s health supplements, as it also may have effects in boosting muscle strength, overall energy, and well-being.

Vitamin A

A crucial vitamin for male and female sex hormone production, Vitamin A is a great way to naturally boost your libido. Vitamin A helps with normal reproductive cycles in women and sperm production in men.


A root vegetable from South America used in Peruvian diets for thousands of years, Maca has been known to help with positive effects on the sex drive for both males and females. Consumed as a food item, Maca is relatively safe compared to other sexual health products. Maca can be a natural remedy to counter the loss of sex drive from antidepressants or other medication, but should be used only after consulting with a doctor.

Panax ginseng (Korean red ginseng)

The root of the panax ginseng has been used for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine for healing and as a known aphrodisiac. One of the major functions of ginseng is enabling your body to have a healthy response to physical and mental stress. Ginseng is believed to help libido by enabling the body to adapt to stress with fewer fluctuations in sex drive. For men, panax ginseng can help eliminate erectile dysfunction, as it performs a similar function to Viagra or Cialis. This root helps the body increase production of nitric oxide, which helps improve blood flow to the penis. Compared to some medications that help with erectile dysfunction, ginseng is a much safer product. There have also been promising studies that link panax ginseng to raising sexual desire in women going through menopause.


DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that produce precursors to testosterone and estrogen. Normally, DHEA production is at its highest in a person’s mid-20’s. Daily supplements of DHEA may benefit people with decreased libido, improved sexual function, and minimize erectile dysfunction in men.

 Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, is essential in energy metabolism, especially for short, intense bursts of energy. In addition, Niacin also helps with the increase of blood flow to your genitals, which helps with more intense orgasms. As you can imagine, this can have wondrous effects on increasing the gratification and duration of sexual encounters.


Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in women. Along with general fatigue, pale skin, and shortness of breath, an iron deficiency can affect your sex life. A low iron level may reduce libido – including desire, arousal, and ability to have an orgasm. However, you have to be careful with taking iron supplements, as high levels of iron (above 60 milligrams) can be dangerous to your health. Look for easy to absorb iron supplements without added ingredients.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is widely considered as the “Sex Vitamin” for its ability to increase blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia. It also plays a role in producing the hormones responsible for boosting your sex drive. Found in egg yolk, walnuts, spinach, and broccoli, there are a number of foods or supplements that you can take to raise your intake of Vitamin E. As an added benefit, Vitamin E helps prevent the effects of aging and disease, which boosts the longevity of your sexual life. This vitamin can also be applied onto the skin to rejuvenate and condition one of your most attractive features.

If you are not satisfied in the bedroom, there may be a temptation to find any fix to your frustration, but it is always important to keep your body’s health in mind. Do not succumb to desperation and fall for any product that you see in a commercial. Consider the healthier alternatives to complete an enjoyable, natural act.


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