7 Incredible Ways Blue Green Algae Enhances Your Health

 Blue-green algae gets its superfood status for its low-calorie, vitamin-rich and mineral dense profile.

Naturally growing in warm, alkaline lakes around the world, blue-green algae has traditionally been an important and ideal source of nutrition for many centuries.Spirulina, perhaps the most popular form of blue-green algae, is quickly gaining fame as a staple in protein powders and daily supplements. 

So just what is so special about blue-green algae?


Unbelievable benefits of blue-green algae: 

1. Protein Powerhouse

Gram for gram, spirulina contains even more protein content than red meats, offering a whopping 60% to beef’s 25%. This intense protein power makes spirulina the go-to choice for vegans and vegetarians looking for a dose of high-quality protein as well as helpings of essential amino acids, iron and vitamin B12 from a source that is low in fat and calories.

2. Immune System Enhancer 

According to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, blue-green algae may be capable of intensifying the disease-suppressing properties of your immune system, and offering natural anti-viral protection against a range of viruses. Not only do blue-green algae exhibit strong immunity-enhancing effects, they also appear to improve the quality of those same immune functions, with preliminary reporting of decreased allergies in daily consumers.  

3. Bacteria Balancer

All blue-green algae varieties possess prebiotic qualities, making them an excellent way to restore the delicate balance of your gut flora, protecting your stomach’s supply of lactobacillus acidophilus from the effects of stress and antibiotic use. Consume blue-green algae to get a wide range of benefits from improving your digestion to preventing or getting rid of candida overgrowth. Studies have also linked blue green algae’s bacteria-balancing abilities to an overall increase in both physical and emotional well-being. 

4. Free Radical Fighter  

Blue-green algae, specifically spirulina, are rich sources of anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E, making them powerful free radical fighters. Taking blue-green algae daily could help to slow down visible signs of aging by providing a screening effect from the harsh UV rays of the sun and toxins in the air.  

5. Mineral Goldmine 

Not only are all types of blue-green algae high in vitamins, they also boast an impressive amount of minerals. Since blue-green algae like spirulina typically grow in mineral-rich waters, they are packed with a wide range of essential minerals including calcium, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron. 

An added bonus? Blue-green algae soaks these minerals into their complete collection of amino acids, making these minerals much easier for your body to absorb and use.

6. Deep Cell-Detoxifier 

Spirulina has incredible detoxifying capabilities, flushing dangerous heavy metals and chemicals from deep within your body’s cells, where they tend to store-up over time and exposure. Spirulina is extremely effective at chelating and expelling a broad range of toxins from your body, including heavy metals and radioactive substances. Spirulina is also beneficial in eliminating dangerous levels of lead and cadmium from water sources.  

7. B-Vitamin Booster 

When it comes to B-vitamins, they can be found in abundance among all types of blue-green algae. Vitamins such as the heart-protective pyridoxine, hair and nail building biotin, mental health promoter niacin and essential B12, a daily dose of spirulina can help you meet all of your body’s vitamin B needs. 

If spirulina and other blue-green algae varieties aren’t a part of your daily wellness routine yet, you could be missing out on an even longer list of benefits. From potentially revolutionary anti-cancerous effects to diabetes prevention and even an added boost to your energy during workouts, blue-green algae’s wide range of properties can help you kick your health up a notch. 

Blend a daily green smoothie with ½ tsp of organic, properly sourced spirulina powder, sprinkle it into the batter of your baked goods to add protein, or simply take it with pure water, and take your health and nutrition to a whole new level.