6 Little Known Tips to Win Back-To-School Shopping


As September draws near, a whole new set of concerns comes to the top of your list. Am I prepared for the back-to-school rush? What do I pack for snacks? How can I protect my child from the numerous sicknesses throughout the school year? When you think you have the answer to one question, another worry pops into its place.

As a parent, I always find that August is the crucial point in determining how smoothly the rest of the school year passes. Being prepared before the beginning of September, when everyone rushes to check all the items off their shopping lists, gives me the time to find the best items for me and my children. There are so many choices and I always want to find the best priced, healthiest options. That will always take time!

Pens, pencils, paper, and backpacks are things that make everyone’s shopping lists and it would be amazing if anyone forgot those essentials. I have included a coloring sheet for the kids (BackToSchoolColoringPage.pdf) and a list of things that you may or may not have thought about for the moms.

Pack healthy snacks

A balanced diet at school starts with a healthy lunch, but snacks are equally, if not more important. Snacks are among the items with the highest salt and sugar content in the lunchboxes of many children, so it is important to keep your child’s snacks healthy. Choose great tasting snacks like organic coconut dark chocolate chips instead of the garden variety potato chips. Taste is also a huge factor for your children that determines  if they actually consume the snacks. Try my tasty recipe for healthy almond butter energy balls for a nourishing and convenient snack that you can stock in your freezer.

Avoid the sniffles

The worst mornings are the ones where I wake up to a greeting of sore throats, fevers, and a bundles of complaints. In August, it’s hard to imagine the nightmare of a sick morning in December, but I always purposefully remind myself of these mornings when I start to shop for school. Preventative products like fruity vitamin gummies and Vitamin D supplements help power the immune system to fight off the nasty colds. For when someone comes down with a cold, I like choosing a natural cold remedy.

Don’t be autumn-matic

The same routine every year can be boring. The beginning of school is a chance to introduce something new to your children (and you) for the next ten months. Starting in September will help your children adopt the change in routine quicker and with less resistance. Last year, I introduced them to a convenient alkaline water stick, which puts my mind at ease that my kids will drink the best water, even if it’s from the school fountains.

Sleep is a great remedy

Field trips, school presentations, nightmares, and school dances are all events that can disrupt your school routine and there is no easy solution on handling the variability in a school year. Your kids will be much better prepared when they are well-rested and calm. However, there is only so much that you can prepare, so I always have a healthy solution to calm the nerves and overactive mind.

Clothes swapping, not shopping

Every year my kids outgrow their clothes and trying to force them to wear hand-me-downs is not easy! While clothes shopping is inevitable, the repeated purchases every year gets costly. To get around this issue, I really like using clothing swaps for clothes that my children no longer use. I find that it is best to swap clothes with another mom with a kid in a different grade.

Keep your bathroom organized

The bathroom is a hub for kids darting in and out in the morning before school, so it is crucial to tidy up the bathroom. At the end of summer, counter space for swimming shampoos and sweat-resistant sunscreens are eliminated. Next to hit the shelves (in around October) is the natural sunscreens. The year-round essentials are kept in arm’s reach and one of my family’s favorites is the gentle and sweet-smelling natural shampoo made by Alba Botanica.



Download Printable Coloring Sheet


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