12 Ways to Boost Your Health With a Lemon


After a good night’s sleep, your body has been fasting. This is how the words ‘break’ and ‘fast’ come together (hence, breakfast). Deciding how to begin breakfast, or break your fast, is one of the most important parts of your day. It has lasting effects that will determine your energy levels for the day ahead (amongst other benefits).

My personal recommendation for breaking your fast, and something that I do everyday, is drinking warm lemon water mixed with a capful of apple cider vinegar (ACV). Lemons have a variety of health benefits and apple cider vinegar is an immune boosting tonic. This simple drink is an easy way for you to start your day off the right way.

Let’s discover twelve ways you can boost your health with lemon water and apple cider vinegar.

1. Optimize digestion 

Lemon water and apple cider vinegar act like digestive enzymes. Together, they help break down food in our digestive system so that nutrients are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar in the morning will help your body digest the rest of your meals throught the day.

2. Help the colon

Our citrus morning drink helps eliminate waste from the colon. The added benefit of this morning drink is that it will help regulate constipation and diarrhea. 

3. Support the absorption of nutrients

The power of lemon and apple cider vinegar is amazing. By drinking this combo first thing in the morning, you stimulate your digestive system and this helps you better absorb nutrients throughout the day. 

4. Restore the body’s pH balance

Lemons are an alkaline food and have a very high mineral content. This seems odd considering they are acidic in taste – but a lemon’s effects are opposite of acidic in our bodies. This is why they are great for balancing the body’s pH.

5. Flush out toxins

Lemon and apple cider vinegar act as natural diuretics. Because of the increase in urine they cause, toxins are flushed out of your body.

6. Detoxify and feed the organs

Our lemon tonic is similar to the makeup of salvia and hydrochloric acid. When you drink this combo first thing in the morning, it helps rev up your digestive system and, accordingly, your liver. This drink aids your liver with helping the body to detox and keeping them functioning normally. 

7. Break down and absorb fat

As mentioned above, lemon water and apple cider vinegar support the liver. This is linked to your body’s ability to shed off unwanted weight because the liver helps your body metabolize fat and pumps excess fat out of your body. If your liver’s ability to do this is affected in any way, then your ability to break down and absorb fat will also be affected.

8. Cleanse the intestinal tract and control the speed at which bacteria grows in the gut

We know that lemon water is great for the digestive system and is great for balancing pH levels in the body. A direct result of this leads to lemon water helping cleanse the intestinal tract and controlling the level of bad bacteria in your body. Bacteria and viruses that are linked to illness, like the flu, thrive in acidic environments – lemon water and apple cider vinegar will help combat the growth of bad bacteria.

9. Optimize immunity and break up mucus and congestion when sick

Our lemon tonic acts as an antibacterial and antiviral, which means it helps boost our immunity. Moreover, drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar breaks up mucus and congestion because of it’s acidity.  

10. Produce digestive juices (hydrochloric acid and enzymes) that will breakdown your food

Lemon water is similar to the composition of the digestive juices in our bodies that help breakdown and digest our food. Because of the close similarities to our digestive juices, lemon water helps stimulate the release of juices like saliva, hydrochloric acid, bicarbonate, and bile.

11. Clear the skin and detox blood

Lemons are full of antioxidants and antioxidants help support healthy skin. Moreover, antioxidants paired with the detoxifying effects of lemon help cleanse the blood. Cleansing the blood will also keep skin looking healthy.

12.  Nourish the heart, brain, and nerves

Lemons are very high in potassium, which helps nourish the heart, brain, and nerves.

Lemon water and apple cider vinegar are amazing. It’s amazing that such a simple drink can provide your body with a variety of benefits. Do you drink lemon water and apple cider vinegar? How do you feel like it helps your body?


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