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Beekeeper's Naturals Hive Holiday Gift Box - Limited Edition

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Beekeeper's Naturals Hive Holiday Gift Box - Limited Edition | 628055142485

Beekeeper's Naturals Hive Holiday Gift Box - Limited Edition

This Holiday Gift Box makes a great gift for anyone in your life! It includes five products that each come with a postcard showcasing a description and instructions on how to use.

  • Paleo friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Clean & non-toxic ingredients

Propolis Throat Spray (x2)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Enjoy four tasty spritzes of Propolis Spray daily for immune support and scratchy throat soothing! Give your immune system the support it deserves. With natural germ-fighting properties, antioxidants, and 300+ beneficial compounds, Propolis Spray is your daily defender.

B.LXR Brain Fuel (3 pack)

Sip a shot of B/LXR Brain Fuel to stay focused and get stuff done, like brainstorming your holiday gift list! B.LXR Brain Fuel is an adaptogenic focus shot that helps you get in the zone without any caffiene or added sugars - perfect for solving jet lag, brain fog, poor focus, afternoon slumps, creative blocks, and low productivity.

B.Powered Honey (125g)

Take a spoonful of B.Powered honey on those chilly, sleepy mornings to rise, shine, and get energized for your day! Try it in your coffee, tea, and oatmeal too! One delicious spoonful of B.Powered honey supports lasting energy (without a crash) to help you survive the holiday season. This theaurapeutic hive complex also promotes mental clarity, skin health, and overall balance. 

Superfood Cacao Honey (125g)

Add a big spoonful of decadent Superfood Cacao Honey to warm milk for the ultimate winter hot cocao with no refined sugars! Turn to Superfood Cacao Honey to indulge your chocolate cravings while kicking refined sugar to the curb. Nothing but pure raw honey and raw Ecuadorian cacao in every spoonful.