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beautyblender Liner.Designer Pro 1 Liner Applicator

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beautyblender Liner.Designer Pro | 851610005769

beautyblender Liner.Designer Pro

Liner.Designer Pro by beautyblender® a one of a kind, innovative eyeliner application tool.* This 3-sided guide becomes a steady hand, helping you create your own eyeliner style.* Part of our pro collection, liner.designer pro was developed to help demystify eyeliner application.* With three unique sides, liner.designer pro offers a variety of angles and liner shapes, for every eye shape and liner style.* Use this eyeliner tool to achieve symmetry with ease and make applying liner effortless.* Warm the flexible, silicone material between your palms, to help liner.designer pro gently adhere to skin.* This genius tool is also great for lips and brows or use it as a mess-free shield when applying mascara and eye shadow.* The beautyblender shaped, matte silver compact houses a 5x magnifying mirror and suction cup, that helps the compact attach to any clean, smooth surface – now it’s even easier to get perfect eyeliner on the go!* What it does: Demystifies eyeliner application and makes it a breeze by providing a straight guide to help steady your hand and achieve symmetry.* Helps up your game, giving you the skill to create symmetry and speeds liner application.*


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