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beautyblender Blender Defender 1 Blender Defender

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beautyblender Blender Defender | 815985021212

beautyblender Blender Defender

Consider this silicone case as the perfect partner for your beautyblender sponge.* Inspired by the interlocking sides of a pill capsule, the portable holder makes storing or carrying your beautyblender on the go ultra easy, protecting it from grime and germs.* Better yet, the shatterproof, flexible capsule can hold up to two wet beautyblenders.* The innovative design also allows for ventilation so sponges can dry properly.*


  • Shatterproof, silicone (known for its antimicrobial properties) case holds up to two damp beautyblenders.*
  • Innovative, vented design allows for proper air flow so beautyblenders can dry thoroughly.*
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