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  • Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins 60 gummies | 683702100065 Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins 120 Gummies | 683702120063

    Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins


    Ironkids Gummies Multi-Vitamins IronKids Gummies Multi-Vitamins have been specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of children.* The unique blend of vitamins supports kids's energy metabolism.* Recommended Use May help in the maintenance of...

  • Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 60 gummies | 683702100072 Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 120 Gummies | 683702120070

    Ironkids Gummies Omega-3


    Ironkids Gummies Omega-3 IronKids Gummies Omega-3 are specially formulated with pure source DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids that are needed for the optimum development of a child's brain and nervous system.* Recommended Use A source of omega-3 DHA...

  • Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D 60 gummies | 683702100157 Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D 200 Gummies | 683702200154

    Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D

    $9.75 $12.49

    Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D Ironkids Gummies Vitamin D are specifically designed for kids with 400 IU's of Vitamin D in each gummy which meets children's daily recommended intake.* Vitamin D is essential in the development of strong bones and teeth...

  • Ironkids Gummies Calcium

    Ironkids Gummies Calcium


    IRONKIDS GUMMIES CALCIUM Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1 Gummy Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *   Calcium         (tricalciumphosphate)  100 mg     Phosphorus         (tricalciumphosphate)  50 mg     Vitamin D3...

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