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AOR Estro Adapt 203 mg - 60 capsules

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AOR Estro Adapt 203 mg - 60 capsules | 624917042979

AOR Estro Adapt 203 mg 

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone, and is required for over 400 functions in the body. However, there are “good” and “bad” kinds of estrogens. High levels of some estrogen metabolites may be associated with an increased risk of breast and other cancers. Xenoestrogens, or synthetic estrogens encountered in the environment, can also be dangerous.

Diindolylmethane, or DIM, is a compound from broccoli that may promote the production of good estrogens and reduce the production of bad estrogens.*

Certain natural compounds can help enhance the detoxification of toxins and carcinogens, including xenoestrogens, by the liver. D-glucarate supports healthy detoxification and can even assist in the elimination of excess estrogen from the body.* Choline supports liver function, which is the primary site of these detoxification processes.*


  • Attempts to support liver health*
  • May promote detoxification of toxins, carcinogens and excess estrogen*
  • Potentially reduces the risk of abnormal cellular growth related to excess estrogen in breast and cervical tissues*
  • May help balance levels of “bad” and “good” estrogens*
  • Attempts to promotes healthy and regular menstruation*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules daily with breakfast, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.*


Consult a health care practitioner if you are attempting to conceive, taking hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills or other medications, if symptoms persist or worsen, for use beyond 3 weeks, if you have or are predisposed to cancer or a liver disorder, or develop liver-related symptoms (e.g. abdominal pain, jaundice), depression and/or related diseases. Consumption of Hops with alcohol, other medications and/or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended. Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle or involved in activities requiring mental alertness. Discontinue use if you experience joint pain or hot flashes. Discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner if you experience irregular menstruation. May temporarily alter urine colour. Consult a health care practitioner if urine does not normalize upon discontinued use. Pregnancy/Nursing: Do not take.*


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Veg Capsules

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value *
LIFENOL® Hops extract† (15-25:1) 120 mg  
Calcium D-Glucarate 150 mg  
DIM (3,3'-Diindolylmethane) 108 mg  
Choline (bitartrate) 27.6 mg  
* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
† Daily Value not established
Note: Serving Sizes are rounded to the nearest whole serving


Other Ingredients: broccoli extract* (300 mg), microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, silica. Capsule:hypromellose. †LIFENOL® is a registered trademark of Naturex, Inc. *Produced under patent US2006/010032 licensed from Caudill Seed Inc

AOR Guarantees: that no ingredients not listed on the label have been added to the product. Contains no wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulphites, mustard, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal byproduct.