Amoena Asian Garden Half-Bodice High Neck Swimsuit - Black & Star White

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Amoena Asian Garden Half-Bodice High Neck Swimsuit - black & star white  | AMO-57142910C, 4026275423999

Amoena Asian Garden Half-Bodice High Neck Swimsuit - Black & Star White 

Amoena Asian Garden Half-Bodice High Neck Swimsuit - black & star white has a sophisticated touch and the pocketed, molded cups to keep your breast form or Aqua Wave securely in place. Adjustable shoulder straps help give definition to the arms and shoulders, while XTRA LIFE™ LYCRA® technology is in place for long lasting fit. With Amoena's styles, the little hidden extras ensure that you feel confident and comfortable while looking fabulous. 

Mastectomy Swimwear Features:

  • Product SKU: 71429
  • Material: 80% Nylon, 20% XTRA LIFE™ LYCRA®

Watch heads turn at the pool and the beach in this stylish Asian Garden full bodice high-neck swimsuit for women. Amoena strives to give women the confidence they need after conquering breast cancer, and they keep it in mind with each of their swimsuits. Beyond its illustrious design, this swimsuit will discreetly hold in your breast forms using cups, pockets, long lasting XTRA LIFE LYCRA technology, and a high neckline.  

Mastectomy Bathing Suit Benefits  

The beautiful geometric black & white star pattern on this half-bodice swimsuit is just the thing you need to stay confident and comfortable. The dark color and high neckline make this mastectomy swimsuit the perfect product to conceal any scarring or radiation burns. Additionally, the material features a flexible lining, making it suitable for all figures, and it adds a layer of sun protection.

Wave Seam   

The latest and greatest in breast-supporting technology features is Amoena’s Wave Seam interior. The unique curved seam on the underside of the bust prevents any mishaps with your full or partial prosthesis. Everything should be tight and secure while maintaining the perfect fit.   

Bust Shaping  

Not all forms or breasts are alike, and that’s okay. There’s an integral bra and under-band in place to hold your breast(s) close to your body. Even after swimming, the bust-shaping features prevent any slippage or falls you’d expect from a regular swimsuit. The soft cups featured on the bra are shaped to give your forms a real feel and look to provide you with additional comfort and peace of mind.  


The Asian Garden Half Bodice swimsuit features unique pockets on either side to securely hold your breast form’(s) in place. Your prosthesis will be completely unnoticeable and it won’t slide out of place. Feel free to throw your hands up in the air or swim! The top and side pockets are designed perfectly to keep your breasts firmly in place at all times.  


Hiding scarring can be a difficult task. Amoena uses additional fabric to fully cover the higher areas of underarm so you can keep your scarring hidden. You can feel comfortable with your body when you wear the Asian Garden Half Bodice swimsuit to the beach.   

Standard Leg line   

The close attention to detail regarding the leg line reassures that there’s no chance of it being too short or too long. As a result of the clever design there’s should be a flattering and suitable product for any body shape and any age.   

Standard Back   

The common back of Amoena products is an immediate 1-2 inches below the bra line, certifying the greatest level of coverage and comfort.  

Dazzle by the pool or at the beach with Amoena Asian Garden Half-Bodice High Neck Swimsuit - black & star white.